You Should Be All In

You Should Be All In

Make sure you’re all in and stop Toe Dipping.

Do you feel “All in”? It’s a simple query… Are you “ALL In”? I am referring to your main business. Are you fully involved and creating a successful business. Or are you playing around?

I’m not able to spare time to spend time on toe dippers. You’re aware of whom the dippers in toes are. They are familiar to me because I was once one. I’ve been extremely interested in identifying them. These are the people who seek information on the “secret method” to achieve success. However, they haven’t purchased all of the products. They email or call you and request to know the “magic pill” however they haven’t even written a single blog post or spent any money on advertising and haven’t had the time to study everything.

Toe dippers do not go in the water. They simply dip their toes in the water to test the temperature. “Oh, it’s frigid… the water is way too hot… let’s go to another pool.” It’s not a good idea to be rewarded for being the average. Toe dippers receive less than average results. Toe Dippers are demotion or firing. They may also be dismissed. Toe Dippers don’t get the money they think they ought to earn. Toe Dippers never get All In.

All In and other Businesses

In real estate, you won’t get huge commissions if you’re in the business of being “All in.” A real estate agent’s “All In” refers to your license for real estate as well as you have your Realtor(r) Designation, E&O Insurance, and a business license in certain municipalities, Realtor(r) Dues, MLS Fees, and that’s not even for getting started.

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If you’re not in conformity with all of your real estate laws… you’ll lose the money. There are no BPOs, occupancy checks inspections, referral fees, or commissions on alarm systems and utilities. You’re missing out on substantial discounts on rental vehicles, expert services, cell phone calls, and even buying automobiles. Why? Because you didn’t get all in.

And the worst part is that you might have to split your commissions as it is possible that you have to piggyback on an individual who is fully invested and who is paid for the work you’ve put in. If you utilize an additional Realtors MLS to list your property, they receive all the advantages. They don’t have to pay them, they are exposed to marketing, and you’re boosting their numbers. Bravo!

The Professionals Are All In

Teachers, Accountants, Athletics and entertainers, Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters, Military personnel, Doctors, Nurses, and even politicians have to be all in to receive their full wages. Members of unions have to pay their dues, or they won’t be able to work. If you’re not licensed to operate forklifts or handle chemicals or are licensed, you’re out of work.

Take a look at what it all is for employees. If they’re not at work, they aren’t eligible for medical benefits, pensions and retirement plans, vacation days, and sick leave. Temporary workers don’t get the benefits due to the fact that they are not in the majority of their jobs.

Professionals such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and so on have to get recertified, maintain their expertise current, participate in events, and receive more education. Performers and athletes have to pay their unions as well. They have to go to mini-training camps, camps for athletes, and fan appreciation days and adhere to a strict no-drugs policy. All of them are included.

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All In and Your Business

I’ve got one question at present. Why aren’t all of you involved? Everyone successful is in, except you! It is essential to locate a way of purchasing everything. You must attend training and events. You must finally obtain your certificate and license or finish those courses right now.

Suppose you’re not able to afford the funds or time. Make some sales in order to get to where you’re going. It is possible that you have to borrow money from your credit card or a friend and then get your hands dirty to repay them. Then, you have to make time and stop other activities. Put an end to the snarkiness with that S.O.S. ( Shiny Object Syndrome) and make a commitment to being successful in your company.

Make the decision to go “All In” Financially (own all the products) physically, mentally as well as spiritually in your company, and you’ll be a spectacular success.

Charles Fitzgerald Butler is an entrepreneur and the Chief Marketing Officer of Breg, Inc. Charles has a love of helping people establish and run a successful home-based business. You can collaborate with Charles and start multiple income streams at home. Charles has a goal to assist anyone who partners with him to achieve cash flow and earnings from their businesses.