3 Ways to Make More Time for Marketing

3 Ways to Make More Time for Marketing

It’s a breeze as you’re enjoying yourself! It’s true that marketing may not seem like something fun to tackle, but when you see incredible results appearing… shouldn’t it transform into a completely new and exciting play area?

I have three major Ah-ha’s to discuss with you. If you incorporate these ideas into your business, you’ll have more time to complete the things that bring you joy and will bring in the most profits! Everyone wants to expand our businesses and help many more incredible entrepreneurs or people, and these are just a few methods I use to do it.

Plan for the Year

At a mastermind retreat, I received an outline that completely changed my way of looking at my marketing plan. It opened a whole new method of thinking. It simplified the process!

When you’re planning for the year ahead, consider the most expensive items. Include them in your schedule first. The launches will consume a significant portion of your schedule for your business because there are several steps: launch, implement, and Post Launch.

Think about the next list to build your list of activities. Between launches, you’ll still need to create the list. So you need to find exciting and interesting ways to deliver engaging content to your ideal customers.

You’ll be able to see the amount of space available within your schedule for your business. This can be used for speaking events and joint venture promotions.

This has made my life much simpler. After you’ve put these major pieces, you are able to design your content to fit each phase that you are in with your advertising.

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Take time to focus on your business.

We’re so focused on providing our customers with the best service we often forget how crucial it is to commit time to grow our company. Once you’ve got your marketing strategy drawn out, you must plan and implement it.

Discuss with your team of support the plan you have in mind. Make sure everyone knows the duties they’re accountable for. Create a detailed outline in a place that everyone can access. I enjoy making use of Google Docs to organize everything together. If a member of my team updates the document, I view the update in real-time. You may even receive an email whenever someone updates the document.

Set deadlines. Each task should have an end date, and make deadlines for yourself. Becoming ahead of deadlines is always something to aim to achieve. I frequently make phone calls with colleagues to discuss or go over the details. With all the emails we receive, there are times when calling a simple telephone call can be the most effective way to make sure everyone is in the same boat.

Make a plan for things that you do not like doing.

Don’t laugh! I’m aware of certain things that I am terrified of doing… as well; admittedly, I will postpone them whenever it is possible. To avoid this, I mark them on my calendar with a time and date with the help of a time block. At this time, I close my inbox and do not answer the phone. This allows me to concentrate on which to take care of those not too enjoyable tasks. To add a little sweetness to the pot when I finish the task, I enjoy some fun things. Perhaps, you could sip the benefits of a hot beverage and enjoy the views of the mountains, or even you can take a break to watch an instructional video… Something that is different and that you like.

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Here are three ways to begin getting more done and seeing positive results for your business. The first step is to plan for the next year and develop a visual to know the future for your company. Then, you should be spending time with your business, not just your company. Get things done! Thirdly, think about the tasks that make you chuckle, and you’re aware of which ones they are! Include them in your schedule and finish them as quickly as you can so that you can get on with more fun activities!