The 3 Biggest Myths About Intuition Debunked

The 3 Biggest Myths About Intuition Debunked

There are many falsehoods about intuition around.

Perhaps you consider some of them to be true also. However, if you believe them, it can be difficult to make use of your intuition efficiently or the most of it.

This is a shame since your intuition could help you tremendously in your work.

It can help you:

Make the best choices in every aspect of your life (and your life);
Keep on track;
Figure out your next best step;
Be clear about your best method of conducting business;
Keep your focus on yourself and your goals, and do not get caught up in managing your business and all it brings with it.
Just to mention the benefits of using your instincts to work with you

In order to help you figure out how to utilize your business sense more, I’ll dispel some of the common myths that lots of people believe in on this week’s blog:

Myth #1 Myth #1: The myth #1 is that you have to wait for intuitive insights to be revealed to you


You can develop the ability to engage with it and obtain information and answers about everything. When you need or want it.

There’s no doubt that you’ll experience these flashes of inspiration. And the most insightful ideas can still be found while you’re showering.

However, there’s no reason you have to passively wait for your intuition to start speaking to you.

When you are able to work with it, you’ll open the door to a new realm of possibilities.

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Myth #2 The truth is that you’re not always in tune with your instincts


Your brain is always in touch. Your intuitive sense is constantly communicating with you.

It’s just that you’re not aware of it.

It’s quiet enough to be aware of the message it is sending you…

It’s helpful to know the way your inner guidance speaks to you.

There are a variety of ways that your intuition communicates with you. Knowing how it functions for you will help you understand your intuition more clearly and engage with it.

(And Yes, I’ll teach you everything about it in my new course Business Magic. The whole first class is devoted to working with your intuition.

Myth 3: Sometimes your gut isn’t always correct

Wrong. It’s. Always. Right.


It’s true that there are a variety of things that could occur that can make it appear like your senses are off.

Three things we are familiar with are examples:

You did not interpret the information correctly. You didn’t interpret the information correctly; or
You decided to ignore the facts (Yes, this occurs. I’m sure you can imagine at least one instance where you did not listen to your gut instinct. And then you’ll be asking yourself the reason you didn’t listen… )
Since you didn’t take any action in the direction, you received.
Your instincts are never wrong.

The more you are able to work with it and the more you are able to believe in it. The better the results from working with it will be.

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This week’s action is transformational:

Imagine a time when you didn’t pay attention to (or take action based on) your gut instincts.

A situation which makes you think something like, I should not have believed him! I’ve always felt weird about him!

Why didn’t you pay attention?

This isn’t trying for you to be guilty about or angry with yourself.

Absolutely no!

I’m asking this question so that you’ll be able to begin to comprehend the things that come up in your way to follow your instincts.

Then hopefully, next time, you’ll listen, avoid a lot of headaches and come up with some pretty excellent ideas.

In my new and innovative program, Business Magic, I will show you how to operate with the intuition of your heart and create with the universe for more flow and better results in your company.

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Here’s what you’ll be learning in the very first lesson.
The many ways you feel your gut’s message with you.
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