How Feminine Energy Will Make You a Better Negotiator

How Feminine Energy Will Make You a Better Negotiator

A lot of people assume that females and feminine in business are the same things. This isn’t the case. The feminine energy that I write about comes from a variety of areas that include holistic healing, consciousness metaphysics, and Taoism. The principal lesson of Taoism is that everything is both feminine and masculine energy.

When you’re negotiating, imagine female energy being reflective, passive, completely balanced, unrealized potential, collaborative, and all-encompassing. Based on Taoist principles again, there are no conflicts, no fights, no conflicting interests, no winners or losers, no rip-offs, no self-serving interests, no dominance over the detriment of others, no power games, and no self-interest.

I have provided the idealistic approach to negotiating. No matter if you’re female or male, or even if you’re playing in the very competitive dog-eat-dog world of business, there are fundamental shifts in your way of thinking and practice that can change the way you negotiate and the results you can expect through a heartfelt, effective negotiation that is infused with more from feminine power.

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate more feminine power into situations of negotiation:

Make clear your intentions.

Even before you begin negotiations, you must clarify your goals. Your intent is a reflection of your status as a person. Your core values are you competitive and combative, or do you want to pursue mutually beneficial results in which both sides benefit, and you’ve established the basis of a long-lasting healthy, lasting, and meaningful relationship? It could be the precursor to numerous such introductions and negotiations.

Listen deeply

Learn practice listening. To truly listen to what someone else says in a discussion, begin with an open as well as an open and receptive mind. Do not get so ensconced in your own perspective that you are unable to comprehend what is being communicated, both in words and unspoken. Listening with a sense of purpose is an entirely different thing than just listening. Engage in dialogue, not in dueling monologues.

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Open your mind

There’s a distinction between taking on a position and having an interest. They are fixed and can be difficult to change. Be flexible about the direction you choose if you do choose to take one. When you can, identify and express your preferences. If you are in an open dialogue in which both parties want to reach mutually beneficial results, If you are able to have a common understanding of what your goals are, you can create the opportunity for the other side to assist you in finding a way to succeed. An approach you might have never thought of.

Set the table with something to eat.

The phrase “people purchase emotionally and then justification rationally” is true. Explore ways to create positive outcomes that are mutually beneficial to ensure that both parties win. The negotiation to win method of the past is a narrow approach to success in business. It’s not necessary to conduct business this way. If it’s not serving you, then it’s not serving them either.

Are your needs being met?

The feminine approach to negotiation recognizes that at some point or perhaps at many levels, you’re just like me and at heart is the idea that a great negotiation is one in which both of us meet our needs. The premise of the negotiation is that when we work together, we expand the pie and do not battle to share the pie. The feminine perspective comes from a world where anything can be done.

Growth and sustainability

The mainstay of our economy is growing. Every measure of our success is based on growth. The most important thing to consider in this transition of the feminine isn’t an obsession with growth only to gain a profit, but is it sustainable? Do we think we are making a one-off, temporary arrangement, or does it serve the longer-term sustainable needs that we both have?

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Learn to practice and develop your sense of intuition. Intuition is a different level than your instinct. It is a higher state of mind than instinct. When making business decisions, strive to reach the place where you feel an interconnectedness feeling as well as a higher goal as well as compassion for your fellow human beings and so on. Instinct is different. It is fear-based. It’s your fight or fights survival instinct. Your instincts have a fundamental responsibility to care for only one person, you. If you’re saying, “I made my decision by relying on my gut,” make sure you know that it’s very different from “I took my gut instinct into consideration.”

I hope you will recognize that feminine energies have a place to play in leadership and business. It can help you find your flow and work towards results that are mutually beneficial by bringing your heart to the table. We spend the majority of our lives working, and altering the way we work is an important element in increasing our consciousness and leading happier and more satisfying lives while also making a significant contribution to generations to come.