From Working Drone to Industry Legend – Where Do You Currently Feature On The Continuum?

From Working Drone to Industry Legend - Where Do You Currently Feature On The Continuum

Be the acknowledged professional in your field and earn an additional cost of zero.

… Maybe a little part of you thinks “Who is I to declare myself as a mighty being? You’re just an upstart; nobody’s been a fan of mine. I’d need to explain to the people how to behave, but why should they listen to me? I’d need to have something to say that is worth listening to. Imagine if I begin to present myself as an authority, and people just mock me?”

You wake up from the nightmare of standing at the chalkboard barefooted, and you think, “Sure! I’m ‘icon’ material.”

Fear not, O future guru! All of these concerns will be dealt with prior to your arrival on the mountain.


I recall my high-school days and being equally thrilled and nervous about the possibility of becoming perfect. I can remember waiting in line for assembly at around fourteen and staring at the children all around me. The kids were bigger, more experienced more confident, and I was thinking, “I would never be able to give them instructions on what to do!”

The issue kept me awake at midnight. I longed to become a prefect at school. What would I say to the other kid to tie their shirt? They’d just beg me to laugh.

It’s true that I didn’t see the obvious: By the time you reach the airport, you’re more mature than others. When you arrive there, you’re the most confident. This is why they are attentive.

It’s the same for your path to any position of leadership, and the same is true for establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing by the time you’re there. It’s just that you want to reach that goal.

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The journey itself will empower you. But you have to start with a desire, the burning need to achieve something important. The answers will appear when you learn and grow. Your name will rise and expand within your organization as you work. When you are on the mountain, you’ll have mastered flexibility in your field as well as a mastery of your data and concepts, a knowledge of how you can lead your business, and gain the respect of the key participants. When the time comes, you’ll just tell that child to put on his shirt. What’s more? He’ll make it happen.


Here is the crucial transition that you’ll make from a raw amateur up to a masterful guru


The first stage of learning is basic education. When you go to school, and after receiving an education, you’re ushered to your field. The process of finding the right profession could take several years of experimenting with several options before you find the one that has your attention.

Worker Drone:

You’re employed. You develop competence. You begin to feel more confident in your work workplace. However, at this point, you’re still receiving orders. You are aware of what you should do because you’ve been directed to follow the instructions.


You’ve realized that there’s an entire world outside of your industry and have begun to connect. You’ve been reading industry publications attending events, getting to know others, and looking into the possibilities of your field. You assess your ideas, knowledge, skills, and output with those of other professionals since your work is starting to be important to you.

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You’re displaying initiative. You’re thinking seriously. You’ll be able to see what needs to be done, and you don’t have to consult with others on what to do and when to do it. You begin making things happen at your own discretion since you are aware that it must be done, and you’re the one to accomplish it. You’re gaining enthusiasm for the work you do. You don’t need the direction or perhaps even the assistance of other people. You are in charge of your own business and launching your own ideas. You are knowledgeable enough about your field to function in a way that is your own.


You are developing a reputation. You’re being recognized as an important aspect of your industry. You’re being invited to occasions, invited as a speaker, sought-after for suggestions. The most important people within your field are aware of who you are, and they recommend you. You’re now your answer “You know who to speak to?”

Your work has developed a unique signature. You’ve gone beyond simple independence. You’re pioneering. You’ve discovered new ways to do things. You’re able to express yourself artistically in what you do rather than just doing what is functional. You discover ways to do it that are distinctively yours. Your work has your distinct signature, and you’re becoming famous due to it.


You have begun to exert the first signs of influence and control within your field. You’re at a level of expertise and knowledge that the entire industry is looking to you for direction. You are highly opinionated and don’t need the support of other individuals. You don’t adhere to the conventional rules, but you set them yourself. You’re the thought leader at conferences because you are able to show others what should be done. You’re a voice as well as an authoritative figure.

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You’ve earned the status of an icon. You’ve done it for so long, so effectively as well as with such consistency, and your work is celebrated and is remembered long when you’re gone. Your name will forever be written into the memory of your field. It is you who are Babe Ruth of your ball game and the Spielberg of your world, as well as you, the Stephen King of your craft.

What are you doing at the moment? Are you able to count a few of these notch marks in your belt? If you’re new to the whole thing, don’t worry. Begin by establishing your experience and image. The more time you invest in your learning and development faster, you’ll advance. The desire to become more is a good place to start.