Leaders of the New Light: How the Feminine Transforms Leadership

Leaders of the New Light How the Feminine Transforms Leadership

The new leadership model is based on personal empowerment. It is founded on heightened awareness of oneself and awakening consciousness. It’s not so much about self-mastery. It’s about accepting yourself. Taoists believed that all living things had innate nature. Taoists believe that every living thing, even humans, has an inherent natural, innate nature.

When the consciousness is activated, it is absorbed into all the businesses we run and work with. The feminine energy that is emerging is not going to announce its presence. It will surge forth like a wave underfoot. Its force is irresistible and never ceases to rage.

Contrary to masculine power that comes through hard-fought battles, this effect of a tsunami is an ordinary phenomenon. In the language of leadership, it can draw power, control, and authority structures. That is the reason why it is so commonplace outside of the conventional organizational structures we have come to know of in large companies as well as the government. This is one of the reasons that there is a constant battle in these corridors’ power.

Practically speaking, we are in a commercial, economic and technological world unlike any we’ve experienced prior. The change is our own making. Einstein famously stated, “You cannot solve problems using the same way of thinking that caused them.”

We require a different method of tackling complex issues. An alternative that is more feminine is to be able to accept the issue and its unsolved tension, then expand our thought or let the tension lead to an emergent solution that is a natural result of the tension. The people who are the leaders of the new light have mastered the art of sitting with conflicts that are not resolved and unsolved issues.

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The heart guides you. Allow your intuition to guide you. Relax your highly developed problem-solving skills, which fall within the part that is the left hemisphere of your brain. Allow your mind to follow a feeling sense of direction, focus, and determination. Brian Tracy once coined the phrase, “As you take one step towards your goal and your goals move two steps to get there.” It’s kind of similar to the quote. Relying on your intuition and your creative resolve will be brought to life from your heart.

The feminine energy is all-encompassing in all aspects of the business. It always has been as if our intuition was always accessible to us, but we have blocked it out with simple learning strategies such as rote learning and homogenized formulas for success in business and problem-solving.

Ask any small-scale business owner whether they have an annual business plan, and they will answer that they don’t, or they create one but put it away. At present, I am an advocate for using strategic plans. I also am a proponent of brainstorming, scenario planning, and thinking outside of the box.

The first question you should ask is not “How can I achieve success?” but instead, “Why am I in business?” In order, the sequence of questions is What, Why, and What?
Three key principles form the foundation of the emerging feminine power in business and leadership. They are the embodiment of the new light, the new awareness of consciousness. They’re:


The essence of femininity is potential. It is unrealized potential. The words that claim to maximize your potential and help you reach the fullest potential of you are a lie. Unrealized potential is unlimited and has no limit. The feminine symbol is of universality or unlimited possibilities. The people who lead the new light recognize and accept the divine inherent in everything. In this kind of environment.

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The idea that space can be created and held is the basis of all coaching activities. Its roots are in shamanic practices of the past, and it’s important that it is done. The people who are leading the way in the new light are in the process of leading us back on a journey. A return to genuine leadership, values-infused culture, and a deeper understanding of what is important and meaningful for us as individuals and collectively as human beings. The old adage “If you want your external world to improve, you must be the one to bring about change” applies.


When our souls and our hearts align with our goals as well as our mission and values, we are at peace with our natural nature. It is our natural state. It’s how the world works until you begin to doubt your beliefs, question yourself, and put blocks and limits at your feet. The beliefs such as “You must work hard to be successful” were a thing of the past period. Many of the inspiring quotes and the elements of formulas for success were written during wartime or lack of male dominance. They were useful; however, the leaders in the future shining light will show and lead you to the future.

The people who lead this new light, a new consciousness, are starting by recognizing that you are a potential (unlimited potential), and when you align yourself with your own heart, you can trigger the creativity that has innovation at the core. It is the most natural state that you can experience and be loved by.

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