The 3 Biggest Mistakes Teens Make When Trying to Get a Job

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Teens Make When Trying to Get a Job (1)

I interview many people as an employer… including teens. It is a shame to admit it, but most teens don’t know how to interview for a job and get hired. They fail!

This article will discuss the three most common mistakes teens make in order to help you or your child get the job that is right for them.

1. Resume

About 8/10 of children will drop off a resume that contains misspellings. This is the fastest way to throw your resume in the trash.

Additionally, many resumes look like they were just created by someone who just copied and pasted a lot of information into a template. It is often not organized or formatted. This results in a messy resume that is full of misspellings and looks unprofessional.

Here are some keys to a great resume.

Triple check spelling!
Do not add an objective. Instead, you should write a few sentences that explain why you are different and how you can help the company.
List all the jobs that you have held and the impact they had on the company. It doesn’t matter if you were a pizza driver. What was it that you did differently that made the company more successful?
Your education is not as important.
Keep your resume on one piece of paper, the front side only. People don’t like to read too many pages.

2. Follow-up

Let’s suppose you have a great resume. That’s not the end of your worries. Many companies won’t call you back.

I won’t call anyone back. Why? Because I want them to take the initiative and call me. I want to see if they are a go-getter who is willing to persevere.

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The majority of people never call back!

It is easy to call back. Simply ask them if they have received your resume. If they answer yes, you can simply say, “Great!” Yes, I would love to schedule a time for an interview.

Perhaps they are actively seeking employees and will arrange an interview. They might be looking for resumes in order to have a list of people they can call in case they need them. They might say they aren’t hiring.

Inquire about interviewing. You can explain that you understand, but you still want to meet them in order for them to know you.

I would be happy if someone called me and said this… If someone called me and said that…I might hire them to replace an employee who wasn’t doing a great job. This kind of call is a sign that you are a leader and a great worker.

3. Dress and Presentation

Now you’re ready for the interview. Many kids ruin their chances by wearing terrible clothes to interviews – they wear shorts and a tank top, as well as flip-flops.

This is not the standard attire for teens. It makes a poor first impression. We think that this child is not professional. They are probably not the right fit.

Now that you have made a strong phone impression, it is time to make a visual impression. You should wear a collared shirt and khakis. The same for women, or a lovely, not too short dress.

His will make you stand out from other applicants and will leave a lasting impression on the employer… HELLO JOB!

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Apart from dressing well, remember to speak clearly and sit tall. Be confident and make eye contact with others.

It makes you appear unqualified and dumb if you slouch, chew gum, or look around.

That’s it! These simple changes will make you more valuable to your employer and increase your chances of getting the job that you want.

Make sure your child is ready for the job interview.

This video tutorial and a lesson will show you step-by-step the steps to getting the job.