Take 100% Responsibility

Take 100% Responsibility

His talk had the entire audience in rapt. He is a fantastic speaker and very easy to see. He spoke for 2.5 hours and then stayed on for many hours, signing books and spending time with each buyer. I can guarantee that I was there in line to purchase a book and get it signed!

He started with stories about his first Chicken Soup cookbook, which he co-authored along with Mark Victor Hansen. Before it was published, it was rejected by 144 publishers! He advises us to keep going. He said, “What if I gave up after 100 publishers said no?” He also had to wait 13 years before he made his first million.

He shared many principles from his new book, The Success Principles, which he co-authored along with Janet Switzer. Principle 1 was my favorite.

Principle 1.

Take 100% responsibility for your actions and results. As if everything happened by itself.

It is so powerful and liberating! This means that you don’t have to be held back by anyone. You can do whatever you want! You don’t need to dwell on the past, your relationships, and your childhood. You can now take the next step in the direction you want.

Jack Canfield’s Three Ways to Change Your Lives

Do more of the things that work
Don’t do what isn’t working.
Explore new things.
We all know on some level what we need to do to build our businesses. We are not always taking the right actions. We have fallen prey to the trap of saying, “I’m committed to success,” but then acting in a different way. I’m committed just to staying the same.

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Your world is stable because one part of your brain is fully invested. If you have a new idea or are trying to change your attitude or a habit, this part of the brain will immediately engage the emergency brake. You may feel anxious or foolish if you begin to think about or act on your new idea. This is your brain’s security-seeking side, and it is doing its best to maintain a stable world. You don’t have it to hear.

Jack Canfield offers some advice: If doubt arises, you can step aside, act according to your belief, and keep your eyes on your vision.

Are you still having trouble starting or finishing the task you know you must do? Brian Klemmer originally suggested another strategy: Push yourself to take action and risk something. Don’t hesitate to give $20 or more if you are unable to take action. Don’t give $20 to a group that you don’t like. You can send a check in advance for a group that you don’t like. Give the review to your leader, accountability partner, or to the person who will be receiving it if you fail to complete the task. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I’m sure it will work.

Get involved

For the next seven days, you should adopt the “I’m 100% Responsible” mindset.

You must take responsibility when you see something not working.

Ask yourself, “How have my actions led to this?” This should be done with the goal of learning and not blaming. Ask yourself: “How do I fix it?”

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The answer is often quite simple. Take that step. This will help you move further along your journey to success. It will allow you to build relationships and close all the doors.