How to Attract And Get More Clients Now

How to Attract And Get More Clients Now

The biggest challenge I see for women entrepreneurs is finding people who will pay for their services. I mean, how do you find people who are willing to pay more – high-end clients – people who see the value of what you offer and don’t say “I’m interested but can’t afford it” or something like that?

This is because you worry about who your next client will be or how much cash your business will receive. It makes you wonder if what you have is truly valuable. It’s something I have heard many times. Big-hearted, service-driven ladies devalue who they are and what they do. They struggle to get enough clients to fix their cash flow problems and allow their business to flourish.

When you feel scared or confused, you will often feel the need for more marketing. Because you don’t know the problem, you spend your time, effort, and money on solutions that don’t solve it.

You won’t get anywhere with advertising, blogging, social media posts, or any other “marketing” work you do. All that will do is make you exhausted and frustrated.

Knowing what motivates clients to invest is key. It is important to understand what attracts clients and what makes them want to buy from you.

These are three tips that will help you get more clients.

1. Clients invest in solving urgent problems that they desire solved.

Get clear about the problems that your ideal clients face and how you can solve them. You don’t have to solve all problems. Choose the most urgent problem.

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2. Be aware that clients purchase for their own reasons and not yours.

It can be easy to talk about what you did and why at the moment of a purchase decision. But that doesn’t mean you should put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. You can take a moment and try on their shoes. They have problems, needs, worries, and things that keep you awake at night. Once they understand that your actions will help them solve specific problems, they won’t be interested in what you do.

3. Communicate clearly to your prospects what you can do to solve their problem.

Show them that you are interested in their problem and get their attention. Demonstrate your ability to solve their problem. Also, explain the costs they will face if you don’t get their problem solved. Describe the possible results.

One last tip:

Connect to the TRUE VALUE of struggling to find new clients, to your busyness and lack of clarity.

This is because you will save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money.

Julie Johnson is a leading success coach, speaker, and author who teaches women all over the globe how to succeed in business and life.