3 Rules for 2017 Success in Business

3 Rules for 2017 Success in Business

As I come to the end of my three-year tenure in the business, I think about 2016 and the many lessons I’ve learned. While I’m not going to bore you by delivering tons of writing (and therefore a lot of reading) however, I would like to begin by saying that If you’re looking to succeed in running your own business in 2017, you’ll need to ask yourself these questions right now !… and be honest in your responses.

Do you want to be free of DEBT?

Do you want to stop suffering in BUSINESS?

Do you want to increase the number of customers or clients?

Do you want more exposure and recognition for yourself AND your company?

Do you wish to boost your earnings by 10x or more?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions as I did, then you must CONCERN yourself that you need to do some serious work. Begin in 2017 and right after the start.

I’ll be the last person to trick anyone into believing that operating a business on your own is simple. It’s not… however, the old adage holds true! It’s worth it to risk the reward because it’s yours for the taking.

Here are my TOP 3 RULES:

1. Be confident that you will be successful no matter the circumstance.

The most challenging hurdle in business is getting over those limitations in your mind. One of my most significant weaknesses was the belief that I could do everything on my own. In 2016, I brought in three professionals to my company to keep my business on track and aid in increasing my profit margins. As I added each new employee, I was able to clearly see a steady progression in my company… landmarks were being achieved. The most significant reward is in new energy I have felt.

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Keep your focus on your goals and the reasons why they are essential to you.

2. Create a detailed strategy.. (and record it down)

Imagine organizing a baby shower for someone you know and wish the event to be one that she will cherish for many years later. Imagine you’ll have unique games, great food that guests will be raving about, the beautiful decor and ambience, and great conversation. Imagine putting it all together with no strategy. It is important to “plan” who is coming to the event, what they’ll be eating, who’s carrying what etc.

A business plan will ensure that you.

Clarity is critical and can help you determine your goal.
It makes you accountable.
It can solve issues.
It will let you know what you are able to and cannot do in terms of finances and also aid you in scheduling your schedule.
It will help you come up with a PLAN A… in the case in the event that plans A fails to work.

3. Be in gratitude

I absolutely love this quote:

To develop the concept of gratitude is not to take anything for granted and to always look for and appreciate the kind of kindness that goes behind the act. Everything that is performed for you is, of course. All things originate in an intention to do good and is directed towards you. Learn to never delay the words or actions to express your feelings of gratitude. — Albert Schweitzer

Every day that you have in your life be grateful. Do not only give thanks for the essential things but be thankful for the small things. I thank you every day in regards to parking my vehicle, my computer, my students, places to instruct, a selection of shoes, as well as my mentors, family members and friends. There is nothing too large or small to express gratitude for, and once you have access to a place of appreciation, your life will be more abundant.

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We must wake up, be visible and don’t give up! My success factors aren’t tricky and have proven to be effective for me. It is essential to be committed to your work in the year 2017 in case you hope to increase its growth. Best wishes for 2017…