Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New

This is one of those times I get reflective about how I am doing and where I want to go. How can I make the coming quarter more? Or the coming time? Or the coming five times? Am I headed in the right direction for me?

Am I headed for success?


Am I still going where I want to go?
How has my vision changed? Can I see myself playing bigger, reaching further people, touching further lives? Have new paths opened up that I want to follow or explore? Starting right this nanosecond, what do I want to attract, produce, and manifest over the coming twelve months?

Write it down. Make it concrete. Prioritize. What is at the core of all you do that you want to keep doing? Why do you get up in the morning and do what you do? What’s your passion and are you still following it?

What new chops have I learned?


We’re constantly learning and changing. What have you learned, discovered, endured that has brought a new consummation or sapience that you want to incorporate into your life and business? Have you added a new credential? Is there a new venue you want to explore? Have you met new people to mate with? Write down your skill sets, see how numerous ways you can use them. Prioritize them and make them into your business.

What is working and what needs to be phased out?


Get real with your bones and cents. What’s earning you plutocrat? What’s fun but does not bring in income? How can you streamline your costs? What help do you need to get? Exfoliate the worst 10 of everything you’ve got- that includes guests, products and time spendthrifts. That leaves room for you to add 10 further of the great stuff.

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What are my pretensions for the time?


Only take the way that further the thing you have chosen for the time. That will keep you on target and produce further applicable results. Do you want to get further guests? How numerous? What do you need to do to make that be? Get a trainer? Do further networking? Do further referral education? Pick palpable pretensions with measurable results and track your success. That helps you know what to keep and what to toss at your daily 10 house drawing toss.

Re-price, Repackage, Budge


The easiest way to increase income is tore-price- as in raise your prices. Do not look at what you do according to the time it takes you to do it. Look at the value it produces and price consequently. When I trainer a person in developing an information product, it’s not about the time we spend together or the time I spend strengthening the content, it’s about the value of the results she’ll get with the content we produce. Indeed more important is the knowledge she attained that she can exercise again and again to make further information products. That changes our thinking, does not it?
Repackage- place your immolation so people subscribe for longer ages of time. That allows them to make the buying decision only formerly. I ask for a three- month commitment because the decision- making process takes time. The completing of the design is a snap after the opinions are made. Some trainers have a six- month or twelve- month commitment. How important time do you need to get the results you promise? The coaching process is about change and that simply takestime.However, look for other immolations you can make to over- vend that customer to a longer guiding package, If you’re settling for a three month commitment. Keep chancing ways to serve those pious guests who formerly know and love you.

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Chunk your products up or down. Present the same material in new formats. I broke a five- week telecourse down into a series of eight ebooks so people can pierce the information at a lower price point. Breaking that information down also gave me the chance to expand each content.
Budge your immolations to a new target request. As I move intosemi-retirement I’ve discovered a whole new set of particular challenges. How do I stay applicable? Who am I if I’m not my business? My passion to learn and educate and write remains but my interest has shifted. I now help entrepreneurs who are moving into withdrawal with all their creative authorities still flowing, tore-purpose their passion and gift so they can decelerate down and still feel productive and applicable. I am fastening on particular growth. I help my guests find balance. My business background can help them reduce and budge their business. My spiritual background can help them prepare for withdrawal. It’s the same me with the same skill set. It’s simply a different focus for my immolations.


Move more deeply in service

Still, to continue to find ways to support, nourish, If you continue to move more deeply in service. Do not throw out everything. Do not start over with everything new, but take time to reflect on how you are doing and how you’d like it to be different. also simply take the way to make it be.