Women-Owned Cleaning Businesses: The Finest in the Industry

Women-Owned Cleaning Businesses The Finest in the Industry

The business of professional cleaning is experiencing a revival of the kind. It’s grown into more than simply carrying a mop across the floor or brushing an airbrush across the various knick-knacks. Recent concerns like environmental conservation, toxins, and constantly improving technology make it difficult for businesses and products. A surge of minority and female-owned cleaning firms is making competitors take note.

Cristi Cleaning Services

Women who succeed come from all nations and backgrounds; however, one thing they all share is the capacity to be inspirational. In the year 1980, the businesswoman Christina Lopez created an opportunity for herself by establishing Cristi Cleaning Services. In the beginning, there were hardly any female entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry, and Christina was determined to make an impression on herself. With over 30 years of very successful business, Cristina received the Minority Small Business Person of the Year Award from the US Small Business Administration in 2001. The cleaning business she runs caters to businesses within New York and New York and the New Jersey region. Customers include hospitals, offices and schools, shopping malls, and even the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Cristi Cleaning Services employs approximately 475 employees who have been educated to offer top-quality professional service that has a personal touch. The company describes its services by calling itself “guardians of your clients’ initial impressions” and regards its work as an integral element of its customer’s support system. The company takes pride in taking care of the natural environment. They employ eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for their eco-friendly cleaning services. These products create relaxing outdoor and indoor environments with natural ingredients and scents.

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Ideal Cleaning Services

Ideal Cleaning Services, LLC is located in New York City and is owned by women, commercial and residential cleaning service. Ideal Cleaning Services has been operating for ten years and serves the boroughs and certain upstate regions. The company has carved out an untapped niche. The company specializes in cases of hoarding, cleanup for biohazards, and cleaning crime scene.

Ideal Cleaning is the first company that specializes in hoarding/clutter as well as human waste cases and has over nine years of experience in this particular field. They recognize that compulsive hoarding is a problem that requires to be addressed with compassion and resources to assist those suffering from the issue. Ideal Cleaning collaborates with the hoarder or a third party to have the space cleared. Ideal Cleaning even has a life coach who can help clients tackle their hoarding problems.

Ideal Cleaning has a separate crime-related division that performs the most intensive cleaning in a variety of sensitive situations. The employees are properly trained to handle and remove bio-hazardous waste.

Green Cleansing for a better life

A most inspirational story of all is within Denver, Colorado, where ten immigrants formed co-operatives with assistance from El Centro Humanitario of Denver, which is a non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of workers. The cooperative is known as Green Cleaning for Life LLC. Each woman earns 12 dollars an hour and is given an equal share of the company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2011, housekeepers and maids housekeepers in Colorado made the equivalent of $9.72 for an hour. That puts co-op employees above their counterparts when it comes to starting wages, as well as the fact that they are proud of their work as well as the fact that they control their own share of the company. When the co-op year comes to an end, year, the women split the net profit of the co-op between themselves. This provides everyone with a reason to be more productive because they get the benefits directly.

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In all of these situations, the process of starting a business isn’t simple, but these women are committed to improving their own lives. El Centro spent more than six months training these women on how to communicate in English as well as how to manage an enterprise and the necessity of green cleansing. This kind of environment supports the team to succeed. They don’t forget about it, as well. Maria Lopez, one of the co-op’s owners, said, “Our purpose is not only to make money but to earn money so that we can assist women in the same situation as us before.”

Each woman’s story is distinct, but all are an inspiration – not just because they’re female, however, they’re successful women who took the risk to leave what they were accustomed to and make a huge leap of faith and were successful in the end and helping others with their jobs and services that enrich the lives of others.