Monetising A Career As A Full-Time Expert

Monetising A Career As A Full-Time Expert

Career-advice has been one of the most dynamic human norms. It evolved from ‘Farming and your father’ to ‘get trade’. This then became ‘enter the military or priesthood’ which led eventually to the corporate job for life model. It is now lying in a ditch and dying, jerking at its legs.

If you look at career advice from 20 000 feet, it can be quite different. But, if you view it from the perspective of daily life, which most people do, it feels both frightening and strange. It was different for me.

This is a worse dynamic for parents. They want their children take their careers seriously. Parents often encourage their children to follow their example.

Today, we refer to the dominant mode of work as “knowledge work” and ours as “the Talent economy”. ”

It’s interesting to note that many people still view this shift as part and parcel of full-time employment.

There is an alternative. The full-time expert is a new career option that many workers will find very strange.

You can make a career of yourself as a subject-matter expert in your niche and then sell the content. This option is viable and often very lucrative.

Let’s clarify this idea.

John is an expert in smart study strategies. He teaches his students how he studies.

John has developed expertise and now applies that knowledge directly to each customer.

This is a new approach.

John is an expert in clever study techniques. He has created audio and video programs that he sells.

John is a multi-millionaire. John has many ways to make money with his knowledge in the topic-matter.

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Brendan Burchard is undoubtedly the first person to talk about the concept of a “full time, independent expert”. At the time, it was common to think of yourself as a writer, speaker, trainer, teacher or producer.

The new expert model combines them all and encourages practitioners increase the number customers they are paying.

Although this idea is not yet mainstream, thousands are following the example of Burchard’s book “The Millionaire Messenger”. ”

You need to be a successful full-time professional.

1. Drive

This is a new model.

2. Selling Content

It is vital to be able help others.


They are the lifeblood for experts, according Seth Godin. They like what you have said, and they will buy your products. To be a leader and to provide value to others,

4. Multimedia for your message

Think of yourself as a component of a diagram. Under your smiling mug, the word “Expert” appears. Labels flow from you like a MindMap.

Bottom line: Having more lines increases your chances of financial success. Another line might do well (“I’m amazed by the speed at which people buy my coffee cups! ” “).

5. Platforms for Publicity

PR and marketing are essential components of the Expert Industry. Your lifeline is publicity.

Experts will often give away some of their content. “You can now buy more.

6. Ability to continue producing

The Tribes who buy into your products are more likely to continue purchasing them.

Expert speakers are people who work full-time. “It’s the science and art of solving problems for clients without having to rent large buildings.

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