3 Ways to Blow Your Mind and Grow Your Biz

3 Ways to Blow Your Mind and Grow Your Biz

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The mind, once extended to the size of greater ideas, never returns to its size.”
The problem for many entrepreneurs and salespeople is that they’re involved in running their businesses and meeting their sales goals that they don’t think they have time to think about it. But, Napoleon Hill wrote a well-known book, “Think to Grow Rich,” which suggested that thinking was the initial step towards making money.

So, what will it take to make money? I’ve identified three keys to invigorating your mind and increasing your business.

1.) The first thing to do is to change your mental model.

If you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll be unable to see the opportunities just in front of you. You’ll avoid doing things that could make a world of difference because you don’t think they’ll be beneficial to you. If you do attempt it, the chances are that things won’t perform at their maximum potential. Have you noticed that you’ve tried everything that experts advise you to do and you’re not satisfied with the results they promise?

The trick is to begin retraining your subconscious mind to send new signals to substitute the fight-or-flight instincts it’s based on. Its job is to protect ourselves from harm. The word “harm” for the subconscious mind means the occurrence of a change of any kind. Therefore, when you are presented with the brilliant idea to try something new, but it’s out of your familiar zone of comfort, your subconscious decides that it’s not a good idea and will do whatever it is able to do to make you believe to not do it. This makes you feel uncertain nervous, uneasy and scared to motivate you to leave it all for now and remain where you are.

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To change your subconscious mind to change, you have to learn to master it. Set high-level goals Don’t give in to fears; fuel yourself with positive thoughts and ideas through audiobooks, books, or personal development classes, as well as connect with other people who are on the same level of courage.

2.) Change your relationship using money

The majority of people, regardless of whether they were raised in poverty, wealth, or somewhere in between, had misguided or even distorted notions, beliefs, and concepts regarding money. These ideas determine what’s possible for you. They impact your career choices and your relationships, as well as your savings and spending habits. Without careful examination, the opinions will continue to steer the show.

I could write an entire piece or a collection of articles about this subject by itself. Therefore, I’ll just scratch the surface. Many people dwell on the negative side associated with financial issues… charges or shortfalls, and worry that it will be gone one day, or they just don’t think about it at all.

It is energy that requires attention. Therefore, instead of focusing on the favorable aspects. Concentrate on the money that enters your life. Be grateful for the money you earn. Consider that there is an aspect of spirituality. As my coach often states, “Imagine that making fabulous money is a part of your spiritual journey.” Hmmm.

3.) Develop a marketing plan

A majority of my acquaintances engage in market activities (e.g., networking); however, there’s no strategic plan. They jump from one activity to the next activities without any thought of whether it’s actually the right choice. You must know where your company is in its development and create specific plans to take you beyond where you’re at now to the next stage of success. If you engage in marketing activities specifically designed for an industry that is in a different stage than the one you’re in, these activities will not produce the same positive results for you. You’ll be wasting time or energy and not benefit from the opportunity to succeed that’s right in front of you.

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If you follow these three principles and follow these three principles, you’ll be on your way to advancing your business.

About the Author

Loretta Love Huff, the Dream Leader of Business(TM), is a prestigious executive and business coach. She helps entrepreneurs realize their ideas and transform their ideas into successful and rewarding companies.