How To Move Forward When You’d Rather Stay Stuck

How To Move Forward When You'd Rather Stay Stuck

Sometimes all it takes to make me realize that I am stuck or that there is something fundamentally wrong with my brain is a Cosmic 4×4. It would be easier if that was possible in advance.

Do a quarterly reality check.

While you can do a reality check at any time, I recommend that you schedule it on your calendar four times per year. They might be aligned with the solstice or equinox celebrations, which will remind you of a steady growth pattern.

Start by listing the things you enjoy doing in your business. You should record the interactions and activities that bring you joy and satisfaction. You should mark the ones that you excel at. This is your calling. This is where your calling lies. You are here to serve.

List the things that are working. Do you like doing it? Is it worth the time and effort? Are people interested in what you have to offer? Is it something they are interested in? Be honest. Do not list “what if’s” or “maybe’s.” If something isn’t OK, don’t make it OK.

Find what is missing.

We can always do more to make ourselves better. You may be aware that your network and keep-in-touch strategies are not strong. What are you willing and able to do? How can you make a personalized version that will meet your needs? Although I am not a go-to person for meetings, I can reach out via blogging, or by simply calling people I want to get to know more and reaching out to strengthen our relationship. Make a list of the actions that you’re willing to take in order to make this area better.

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Let go

Don’t let go of things that aren’t working or you don’t enjoy doing. If it’s an integral part of your business, hire it. But if it’s something you enjoy doing but no one else needs, let it go.
Take one step if you’re stuck.

Sometimes, it takes a while to realize we are stuck. Recently, I was stuck. It was very depressing. Some options made me extremely unhappy. I was stuck, and the only thing that came to mind was the old solution. These are the exact same steps that I took to rescue myself from similar situations. It did nothing but take away what I had accomplished so far. The old solution was no solution. I had to look for new avenues, new opportunities, and a different inner approach.

Identify what you want to do on the other side.

What do you want it to be like? What if… You did more of this and less of that? What if I posted five articles per week instead of just one? What would be the cost of advertising? What is my conversion rate? What should I do to improve my opt-in offer? What if I grouped my coaching clients and only scheduled them three days per week? And then designed one full day of business promotion for myself. What are my wasteful spending habits? What am I spending my money on that I don’t really need? What can I buy to make my business more efficient, faster, and better? What is my vision of the end result? What do I envision my business becoming?

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Be aware of your beliefs.

Anything that doesn’t work indicates that something is wrong in your mind. What is your self-esteem like? You can look at your services in terms of the value they provide to others and not just the cost per hour. Or worse, how much you think people will pay. Are you confident that you can accomplish it? Are you satisfied with your work? Examine the parts of your business that are most profitable and rewarding, as well as the ones that aren’t. Consider what adjustments you could make. You can change your outlook, and the outcome will be different.

Ask for signs

This is my favorite thing. Ask for a sign to help you make a decision and open new doors. Simply watch and interpret.
Take a look at the future.

Focus on what you want. List the steps you need to take to get there. Make sure to include the people you need and the changes you need. Ask, “What if?” What if I did that? What if that were changed? What if that was not offered anymore?

If you feel stuck, take immediate action to change it. Then start planning for the next step. A small change can make a big difference in your life.