How Entrepreneurship Can Help Fathers In The Corporate World

How Entrepreneurship Can Help Fathers In The Corporate World

You have made the decision to climb the corporate ladder. Let me take this opportunity to give you a round applause. Imagine a thunderous standing ovation.

You are an integral part of society, culture and economy, which is why I appreciate you. You are the person who solves problems for companies, which is something that every company needs.

These tips are for Fathers who want more time with their children. Let’s get on with it.

How Entrepreneurship Can Help Fathers in The Corporate World

Successful entrepreneurs have certain principles they apply every day. Fathers should follow these principles.

Time Management

Time is truly the most precious commodity on Earth. It is the only thing you can spend and never get back.

Realizing that Fathers must be present and engaged in child development, it is time for fathers to value their time.

Imagine being able to spend more time with your kids because you don’t have as much work.

Understanding your Value

Entrepreneurs know the value of their products and services and how to make a profit.

It would be easier for Fathers to demand higher salaries if they knew their worth before it was too late.

How to Implement These Entrepreneurial Principles in the Corporate World

Although information is great, the power lies in the application.

Let’s assume you are ready for the next step. Next, you need to know HOW.


Assess your current corporate situation and determine if you have the right work/life balance. After undergoing serious health issues, I was forced to make this assessment a few years back. This forced me to think about the question “If I die now, what would I leave my loved ones with?” I was awoken by the answer and it helped me to understand the importance of time.

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Then I did the following. I made it my intention to be a Father present and engaged. Many interesting things started to happen from that point. I was able to find work that respected my time and allowed me to have the flexibility that my family required. This principle is known as the law of attraction.

This may lead to Fathers having to make a job change. It might seem scary, but flexibility has many benefits that far outweigh any negatives.

Explore Your Options

I am sure that you have heard the news telling you not to worry about finding new work. There are new jobs being created every day. If your current job is not providing the services you need, then you should explore other options. Then exploration definitely can’t hurt.

If you find your job rewarding and provides you with the support you require, then stay put. Then stay put. PLEASE!!!! You don’t have to rock the boat.

Plan and execute

Once you’ve assessed your situation, it’s time to identify your skills and true value. Now it’s time to create and implement a plan.

You are just like an entrepreneur who has a solid business plan. Your employer will be happy to pay you a decent salary because they recognize your value.

Family comes first. Your career should reflect that.

If you’re still afraid after reading these golden nuggets then you can continue living your non-fulfilling, lackluster lifestyle.

If these words, tips and principles are meant to be used in the context of deep-rooted desires, You owe it your family and yourself to act.

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I hope this article inspires other Fathers to be more involved in the lives of their children.

Join the Fatherpreneurship Movement today if you’re one of these Fathers.