Simple Tips for Business Innovation Ideas

Simple Tips for Business Innovation Ideas

Do you find yourself one of those people who cannot sleep because an idea keeps popping into your head? Creativity never sleeps, as most artists will tell you. This is true for entrepreneurs who are always seeking new ways to improve their products. Take a look at some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Apple, Microsoft and 3M.

These simple tips will help you create a million-dollar business idea, no matter if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.


This generation has access to everything and anything. This is a great opportunity to research and learn about things. Find out more about the latest technological developments and how they work. The Seven Pillars of Innovation of 3M are “Innovation without a broad technology base.”


Engage with people. Find out what they are looking for. Find out what they are lacking. You can find out if there is a gap.

Talk to people who have great minds. Work with them. Artists can share their work and receive constructive criticisms in order to improve their art. It is a great way to hear other opinions and see if your work can improve.


Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or grand. Sometimes the best ideas come from the smallest things around you.

Take this example of reinventing an item. It is about a man in India who was fed up with the soggy pizzas that he used to get. To retain heat and let out steam, he added vents to the pizza box. That’s it! He now wants his pizzas to taste the way he likes them. Sometimes, all it takes to get your brain thinking is a little bit of complaint.

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Change your environment. Listen to new music. Learn a new language. Talk to someone new. Your daily routine should be changed. Take a look at your surroundings. This is how to get your creative juices flowing. Steve Jobs was inspired by the most unexpected things. It’s not about just staying in your office and surfing the internet. To inspire yourself, you need to have a human experience.

Learn from the experts

You can learn the best way to succeed from experts only. Check out their biographies. Learn how they achieved that eureka moment. Find out what their motivations and goals were. Find out about their methods, discipline, and principles to see if you can adapt it to your business life.

Steve Jobs, the Apple genius, said that “We’re here for to put a dent” in the universe. If we don’t do that, then why are we even here? However, an idea is only a concept if nothing is done about it. The business industry can be competitive. While you may be the one who came up with it, others could steal it and make millions. Keep in mind that execution and innovation go hand-in-hand.