The Humor Guide To What Isn’t Entrepreneurship

The Humor Guide To What Isn't Entrepreneurship

Are you comfortable with angel investment? Have you developed products or services that have given new meaning to your career? Do you have contractors or employees? Do you provide an incentive and receive the financial rewards? You just might be an entrepreneur. The digital water cooler with several girlfriends brought about some debates regarding the announcement of this reality. Entrepreneurship has seen a dramatic increase over the past ten years and is awe-inspiring. There’s nothing that is more empowering than watching one another breakthrough a mold and come up with an idea and then get money for it. The following scenarios then played out, and it was decided that it would be a good the best idea to write it down, then share it with others and get feedback.

He Said He Was An Entrepreneur

He visited the bar. A female friend shared an account about a date with one of her friends who was stylishly dressed. However, he seemed a bit anxious. She talked about her work of motivational talks. Particularly for those working who work in the finance industry, particularly after the financial crisis of 2008. Intelligent and creative She has more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector. She’s far from an expert, but as the majority of dates go by, communications become more difficult. The obvious question came off her tongue “what are you doing?”

The woman said her blank stare was mingled with an expression of panic. He quickly gulped down some water before stating, “I’m an entrepreneur.” She was enthralled and enthralled by the new ideas that were sprouting. She inquired about what product or service he was working on. He said it was a process and then quickly changed the topic. There’s nothing wrong with working in between. However, the economy is a mess. She knows that. Falsely claiming that the idea of entrepreneurship is not a great starting point. Perhaps, he had an idea for a product or shared the idea with an entrepreneur in order to help the process of development.

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“The Volunteering “Entrepreneur”

Volunteering doesn’t just help the mind to comprehend what’s going on but is also useful for personal and professional development. However, it’s not an entrepreneur. In an interview with the candidate and asked about previous experiences, the answer was, “I’m an entrepreneur who volunteers.” Expect to be asked questions about this. Incredulous, the direction of the question was to inquire if they help companies in finding and training volunteers.

There was no answer. The work was done as an individual volunteer. Although it’s an honor to be worthy of a hat-off, it’s not entrepreneurship. Paying is an element of the process of providing the services or products that is useful to a customer or, ideally, many clients. Be truthful above earlier ways.

He’s A Supported Entrepreneur

Recently, at a public speaking event on the topic of converting from working life into being an entrepreneur, a mom said that her son was doing this. When asked where her son was, she replied that the boy was out with a group of friends. He was 28 years old. Young. He had forgotten about the speaking engagement and had not informed his mother of a note. She helped him in his “art” company by purchasing the canvas, paint supplies, and easels.

When he asked about his marketing plans, she was unable to find the answer. She explained that she took photos and then took the images to her coworkers to look at and purchase when they wished. Nobody had purchased the three works. The son was not willing to paint until someone purchased the three pieces he had created three, she explained. She was told that she was a genius for creating a picture with even the idea of taking pictures. However, she was informed that her son was not an entrepreneur.

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Your commitment to your business doesn’t end when your mom asks you what you’d like to have for lunch. There’s nothing wrong with living at home, so don’t be averse to it! There’s nothing wrong with the idea of having someone else perform the legwork of marketing and advertising for you. Your commitment to your business is greater than 9-5. It’s more like nine hours per day to begin.

The Final Word

Entrepreneurship isn’t a good fit for everyone; we’re well aware of that. It requires the capacity to persevere even regardless of the rejection. It could cause you to feel exhausted and lead to trying to perfect the same thing each time for each client. Entrepreneurship is a process of understanding the gains of knowledge and the application of the knowledge. And one more thing? Please stop making it a pick-up line!