CIOs Need To Take Care Of Their Younger Workers

CIOs Need To Take Care Of Their Younger Workers

As the person who holds the CIO post, I’m confident that you’ve realized that not all employees at your workplace are precisely the same. It’s been discovered that some of them require a bit of additional assistance from your department of IT. You may think I’m referring to the workers who are the oldest in your company. But that’s not the scenario. This is referring to the younger employees. Studies after studies have shown that they’re the ones most likely to make errors that can make life more difficult.

The Issue With Young Workers And Security

I’m not quite what to put the blame on, but I do think the advent of social networks is likely to be a part of the blame. It’s on these platforms that your company’s younger employees may begin to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It’s true that they’re just having a chat with their acquaintances, aren’t they? This type of feeling could lead people to do stupid things like posting their contact names and email addresses. This is precisely the type of information that criminals need to gain access to their targets.

A recent study found that young people tend to share more personal details on social media websites and also ignore unsolicited emails. What makes this dangerous behavior more dangerous is the fact that these people frequently access their social media accounts from work, which opens the way for trojans to get downloaded to your social networks.

Identity theft is a problem For Workers Who Are Younger.

As if your young workers did not have enough trouble during their time working, It turns out that the angst they’ve brought in could be waiting to be a part of their journey home. They have a higher chance than another group to be at risk of having their identity stolen. The research has shown that people aged 18-24 are the most chance of having their identity stolen.

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What this workforce hasn’t done is take fundamental security measures. This includes switching to an electronic bill in order to avoid papers, shredding files, and installing antispyware / antivirus security software as well as firewalls. The thing you should be aware of as a CIO is that the current generation of employees is highly comfortable with IT technologies – may be too comfortable! It’s your responsibility to educate them about the risks and risks sharing personal information on any platform can bring. They’re open to learning when you’re willing to educate them!

What does all Of This Mean For You?

Due to the importance of technology, CIOs are accountable for the entire workforce of an organization. Based on various studies, it is evident that CIOs should be spending more time looking after their young employees. They’re the ones who are most likely to make security errors that cost you time and money.

Young people are typically highly connected. This means they could have multiple accounts on social media. This gives attackers the possibility of identifying their accounts and then pursuing them. Due to the abundance of personal information these young workers are sharing, it’s effortless for them to fall into the trap of identity theft.

As the CIO of your company, CIO you’re not able to completely stop bad things that could happen to your younger employees. But you can take measures to ensure that they are up-to-date on the risks they face. Making sure you look after the best interests of your young employees is a crucial element of having your CIO job!

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