10 Reasons Your Business Needs to Switch to MPLS

10 Reasons Your Business Needs to Switch to MPLS

Companies that invest in the Internet are more successful than those that don’t. Our dependence on the internet has increased. There has been a need to find a way to reduce the strain on our networks from high traffic and high-performance applications.

MPLS is an intelligent next-generation technology that can be tailored to meet specific needs. It allows companies to take advantage of the latest developments in VoIP and Hosted Telephony. This increases productivity and revenue while lowering costs.
You can build a future-proof business with an MPLS network.

What is MPLS?

MPLS is the right solution for your organization if it has more than three locations and uses data-intensive applications.

This technology is highly sought after because of its ability to speed up traffic. It directs data using short path labels rather than long network addresses. It’s a private circuit that connects multiple sites and teleworkers while avoiding complicated routing tables.

MPLS, which stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching, is a high-performance network that bridges communication gaps. It not only provides faster speeds and better connectivity but also ensures that all data is centralized and linked to multiple sites.

For schools, banks, government bodies, and other sectors, unified MPLS networks can be a good investment. They are also a great option for multisite businesses that rely on high levels of security and privacy.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your company should consider switching to an MPLS network.

1. Cost reductions

MPLS solutions can help organizations reduce their costs by between 10-25%. This is due to a variety of factors, including the unification of expensive communications tools and the minimizing of hardware. In the past, you had to install hardware at each site. Now you can place hardware at only one location so that all offices can connect through one location.

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Your business will also use fewer resources to manage and build the network. VoIP over your MPLS can help you cut down on telephony costs by up to 20%-30%. Private connections are more affordable than traditional calls over the PSTN network.

2. Service quality

MPLS networks offer a higher quality of service than basic broadband services using the public internet. This QoS is essential for the use of voice and video services. It is also known as a network that has virtually no downtime.

3. Perform better

You will enjoy better performance because you can manage and prioritize the traffic on your MPLS network. The MPLS solution lets you borrow bandwidth from lower priority traffic streams if you have to prioritize your traffic. If the bandwidth is ever tight, you can borrow additional capacity from high-priority traffic.

This will ensure that your business has enough bandwidth to run all the applications you require. This data can also be sent in less time by using alternate routes to transmit it. Because locations can be connected seamlessly, users can communicate as easily as if in the same place.

This increases the response time and performance of applications, as well as delivers a great user experience. This allows you to benefit from all the latest telecom advances without experiencing latency or slow connections.

4. Disaster Recovery

MPLS provides disaster recovery through data backup by connecting data centers and other sites in many ways to the Cloud. Remote sites can easily and virtually connect to backup locations in the event that disaster strikes.

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MPLS is virtually indestructible and virtually frees you from the risk of human intervention. It also offers virtually zero downtime. MPLS is a reliable and favorable solution, considering that 52% of businesses that use traditional broadband services experience downtime over a 12-month period.

5. Future proof

Since 2012, virtually no company will plan to invest in redundancy network investments. IT budgets have been cut, and money is tight. Businesses will look to purchase solutions that will last a lifetime. MPLS is flexible and scalable enough to grow with your business. Organizations will eventually migrate to MPLS to avoid being left behind.

6. Unified Communications

MPLS is the first step towards unified communications. As you unify your data and voice connectivity, it allows you to manage only one line. You can then install UC platforms like Microsoft Lync or Hosted services, which require high-performance networks to function on.

7. Simple Management

Consolidating communications resources into one enterprise infrastructure reduces network complexity and costs, giving you centralized control. It’s much easier to manage a network that spans multiple locations than one network that is managed from each. The MPLS provider will manage the network and monitor it for you, allowing you to reduce overheads.

Online reporting lets you see what’s happening on the network immediately. You can access reports and statistics whenever it suits you.

8. Simplicity

MPLS may sound complicated, but it is very simple to set up and understand. An MPLS provider can help you design and build custom networks that can then be managed in a secure environment. This makes it easier to manage and monitor the network.

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9. Enhanced Security

An MPLS network is among the most secure networks available, providing greater reliability for companies that have a higher level of privacy requirements, such as banks or legal sectors. Because all sites connect to the network via a private line, there are no public internet gateways. This ensures that data is never shared between sites.

MPLS network solutions are the only network connectivity service that offers the highest security, robustness against attack, core hiding, and spoofing protection.

10. Flexible and adaptable

MPLS technology allows businesses to explore new growth opportunities and expand their business. With fewer resources and more money, your company can concentrate on core areas of development. An MPLS network connection allows you to easily connect, remove, and connect new sites or remote workers. This makes it instantly scalable to an unlimited number of users.

MPLS is a great way to invest in your future

MPLS is the future of big business networks. This will make sure that your company is at the forefront of technological advances in VoIP and Hosted telephone telephony markets. Elite Telecom, an MPLS provider, can work with businesses to design and build core networks.