Video Production Business Tips – Be An Expert in Your Niche

Video Production Business Tips - Be An Expert in Your Niche

Although I am driven to succeed in my video production company and passionate about my craft, I have noticed lately that my enthusiasm for what I do isn’t the same as it was before 2008 and 2009.
I am currently at a 78 on the passion scale. Prior to 2008, I was at around 999 on that same scale. I loved what was going on and was excited about the progress of my business.

After searching for my passion for many months and wondering what it would take to bring it back, it finally hit me when I saw several likes from prospects and clients on one of the self-promotional videos that I posted on my company’s Facebook account earlier this week.

In that split second, passion surged back into my soul. I stopped doing what I was doing and set out to discover why.

In one word… vanity.

Before 2008, I was a rock star in my local business community. I won numerous awards for video production and entrepreneurship and was regularly interviewed by newspapers and radio stations. In Inc. Magazine, I was featured on the cover about how raising my rates allowed me to quadruple my company’s size in just two years.

It was certainly a party like a rock star, and I loved every minute of it!

You probably already know that I am not vain. But, I believe that to succeed in business and life, one must have a certain level of moxie. A confidence that is a few notches higher than the rest. That special pep in your step.

To be and remain successful in the video production business, you must build a rock star reputation for yourself as well as for your customers.

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Who is the Rock Star in Your Niche?”

I’m not referring to who you or I consider rock stars in the industry. I am referring to the people in your network, customers, and referral partners who think you are the rock star corporate or wedding videographer. What are they doing differently to you? What do they do to get all the attention? How do they dress? What are their marketing strategies? How do they operate on-site if you haven’t had the chance to see them in action? What are their methods for dealing with customers in difficult situations??

How to Become a Rock Star

It’s amazing; just think about it. Rock stars are a favorite of many people. They are almost worshipped on the ground they walk on, and many people will pay ridiculous prices to be able to say they were there at a concert.

Rock stars are the center of attention, and that attention can bring in a lot of money.

The rock star is a great choice for corporate and wedding clients. They want to spend thousands of dollars on something they love and have the support of thousands of others. They want to do business with a superstar!

Another reason to be a rock star in your niche, and just as important, is to keep your soul burning. It’s easy for you to keep going until your dreams and goals are achieved when you are getting attention.

It feels great to have people notice you and acknowledge your brilliance. This feeling can carry over to your work, customer service, and overall brand.

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How to become a rock star

In all of my years of experience in marketing, I have learned three things that will make you a rockstar faster than any other.

1. Writing

It is easy to be the expert in your niche by writing blog posts and sharing that information with clients, prospects, and referral partners. While it may take some time for your posts to get momentum, while your content is increasing your search engine rankings at major sites such as Google, your rock star status continues to grow.

You might be thinking, “But Kris! I am a terrible writer, and I would never be good at this.” I can only say that I was once scared to death of writing anything that someone might read. But I resolved to one day become a great writer, and ten years later, I have a skill that allows me to generate a lot more money.

Although you don’t need to be able to write, I recommend that you get started. I believe it’s an essential skill that every successful entrepreneur should have.

2. Recording

This is the best way to be a rockstar in your niche, even though it was number 2. You can write about specific topics in your field of expertise. However, you should also make videos of yourself sharing similar tips. People begin to notice you and start talking about you when you send videos to your target audience via email and social media. Video marketing is something I have only recently tried out, and the results have been amazing.

3. Prezentieren

This strategy is not my favorite for building rock star status. It’s because I don’t like repeating the same material to different audiences. If you create a presentation on a specific topic in your niche and present it to multiple groups over the course of a year, you can become a rockstar in no time. This worked for me before. It’s not something I want to do now. I am lazy and can easily execute the numbers 1 and 2 from my studio or laptop.

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