How to Survive and Thrive Doing Courier Work

How to Survive and Thrive Doing Courier Work

Courier work is fraught with dangers. You are constantly on the road, no matter what the weather or traffic conditions. While we can’t eliminate all risks, there are some things that a responsible driver can do.
Assume that you are ‘invisible.’

Courier work is a common occupation that can make survival skills second nature. It is essential to be safe and well-being in this job, especially if you have been doing it for a while. Experiential drivers will tell you that it is best to assume other drivers can see you. Accidents are most often caused by crossing the road or getting in front of another vehicle. We assume that the driver of the other car can see us and may not be aware of their distractions (he or she might flip a switch or call someone on the telephone). Delivery workers must assume they are not being seen in order to feel safe. They should be cautious and proceed with caution. Long-time drivers may also be able to discern whether other drivers are safety hazards by their subtle body language or demeanor.

Be aware of Season-related Risks.

Anyone who has done courier work in all seasons might be familiar with the season-dependent road hazards. Winter is an example of this: snow can be dangerous for two-wheeled vehicles, especially if it is thick and slick. A pile-up can be caused by a single rock or even the slightest mistake. One worker claims that there are days when it is so hot or humid that women wear mini-skirts. This can distract male drivers. They might be looking at a secretary wearing a sundress, and the next, they are in the back seat of a van. However, a professional in transport can be as safe as possible by being aware of the weather conditions and changes in the urban environment.

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Be open to the possibilities of technology.

Unofficial members of the old guard, those who have been working as couriers since before the advent of handheld gadgets and the Internet, tend to be frowning on high-tech tools. They prefer to trust their instincts and gut feelings over any metal-encased blinking gadget made in a remote country. We are sure you will need to be able to navigate a map on your own if you’re just getting started. A good GPS-enabled smartphone can help you get up to speed quicker than any other gadget. Even the most advanced mobile navigational tools can be available for free nowadays. Google offers a number of Android-enabled apps that offer excellent functionality and are easy to use.

Norman Dulwich works as a correspondent at Courier Exchange. Courier Exchange is the largest neutral trading platform for same-day courier work in the express freight industry. Their website connects over 2,500 transport exchange companies, allowing them to trade jobs and increase their capacity in a safe “wholesale” environment.