6 Things to Leave at Home on the Day of the Storage Auction

6 Things to Leave at Home on the Day of the Storage Auction

We all know the tools you need to bring to an auction for storage… But did you think about what to keep at home? The majority of storage facilities have rules that govern what’s allowed during auctions (you should always make a call prior to the event and ask the rules) But there are other items that you can leave to your own discretion. Here’s the list of six items which are better left staying at home, both for your own safety and the sake of other auctioneers.

1. Children.

The majority of storage facilities do not have any rules regarding having children in the premises but consider this: does your five-year-old child would like to be at a an old and dusty storage space for the entire day, without cookies and milk or games to play? Perhaps not. If it’s extremely hot and you’re not sure, it could be dangerous to let children who are young under the scorching sun for extended periods of time… therefore, having a babysitter available to watch them during the day could be a better choice. If you are required to take your child along the majority of storage facilities demand that children be supervised at all time by a parent or guardian. It sounds like a good idea!

2. Pets.

I am aware of this. I also love my dog… But you have to let him or her stay at home. Some storage facilities do not allow pets, and for good reasons. The large number of people can frighten your dog, causing him to shout and cause disruption to bidding or worse, he may bite. To avoid a lawsuit, make sure to leave Fido to his own devices with a big chew toy. He’ll be thrilled to meet you once you return.

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3. Cigarettes.

This is another thing which a lot of facilities have rules against. The majority of storage facilities are overcrowded on during the time of the auction therefore you shouldn’t be the person who is filling the room with smoke. Smoking indoors isn’t permitted even at outdoors, it’s best to always inquire with the auctioneer if you are allowed to take a smoke break and if they have an area designated to do this. It’s polite to do!

4. Cards for credit.

They’re not needed when you travel. It’s practically impossible to purchase storage facilities using credit cards; the majority of establishments require cash, or in certain cases cash, checks, or money orders. Be sure to withdraw sufficient cash prior to the auction site, as when you’re out money “Do people accept credit?” is not an option.

5. New clothes that you bought.

You are looking professional when you meet your rivals. You mean business, after all. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear your latest suit by Men’s Warehouse or your Jimmy Choo high-heels. The importance of comfort is paramount in auctions. You’ll be walking around a lot and, if you do are the winner that you bid on, you’ll have to sort through dusty or dirtier units. Be comfortable and dress in clothes you’re not afraid of being sweaty and dirty.

6. A bad attitude.

It should be kept at home, at all costs! Are you up late or ran low on coffee? Did you smudge your toe on the route to work? It’s difficult, but try to keep a smile on your face and remain positive. The last thing you want is to get involved in an auction that turns ugly. Also, did you observe how things appear to be going your way when you’re happy? Your beautiful smile could get you the dream locker!

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If you don’t leave these six items at home, your odds of getting distracted are much smaller. Keep your eyes on the goal and remain at ease, content, and in the moment!