The New Olympic Champions

The New Olympic Champions

This year, 2012 Britain enjoys the privilege of being the host nation for the world-class Summer Olympic Games, for the third time in the history of the country – – the previous being in 2004.

The dates were the years 1908 and occasions being 1908 and. London is the only city in history hosting three Olympiads! A brand-new 200-acre “Olympic Park” is being constructed in Stratford,

East London, and many existing London facilities, including the newly constructed Wembley Stadium, will also be utilized. After the Games end, London will be left with the heritage of a totally renovated area, which was once in ruins and which will, in just a couple of weeks, be able to provide homes to many Londoners.

The Games began on 27th July and will last until the 12th of August. 4700 medals waiting to be claimed! The nation is embracing Olympic adrenaline and it is to a high tempo across the capital.

The news is full of reports of the previous Olympic champions, including Dame Kelly Holmes, Mark Spitz, Nadia Comaneci, Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens and Daley Thompson. We have stories of athletes whose fitness as well as their total commitment and dedication have led in their final success. Each of them has shared their own story of how they came to the top in sporting achievement. They were in a state of doubt that they would never train again but they discovered the strength and determination to reach the place they envisioned to be.

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So these London Games bring new opportunities and new winners who carry their medals with pride for their country and themselves. They will be able to highlight those who have made the leap from just’very good’, to being “great” and will have their names etched in the books of history of sports.

They’ll have reached the height of success. However, none of this would be due to random chance or because they were more than any other thing anywhere else.

It happened because of their perseverance focused, determination, and of course their enthusiasm.

But having passion and the right attitude in and of themselves, aren’t enough. A “Yes you can do it!’ attitude is great , but it is essential to include with it, the details of how to accomplish your goals. You need to be at the highest level of physical fitness in order to guarantee that your goal is attained.

People often say of those who succeed they’re just lucky, however they might not have witnessed at the back of the scene, the sweat, blood, tears and toil took to get there. It is rare for success to happen by chance. There are always foundations that must be laid prior to the construction of anything. Only then will the results be durable enough to last the tests of time.

So , I’m wondering where is your team members and at work? Are they a “good” group or are they actually a “great team. If they’re only “good”, then what’s getting behind them being “great”? Do they require encouragement and motivation from you or are there any obstacles of which you might overlook? Are there obstacles blocking them being able to carry the Olympic torch in their workplace?

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Do your team members just meet the goals you’ve set and go not much further? If yes, it may be because you’re setting the bar an unsatisfactory level, so that they reach the desired height, but they aren’t always motivated and enthused to exceed it. The raising it to a level that is “good enough’ is okay, but it isn’t going to inspire them to do anything.

Fly or be”fly” or become an Olympic winner for your business. Olympic champions are able to transform from “good” to “great,” which is the place you would like the team of your company to become!

Think about ways that you can build your own team of champions. A team that can take the Olympic torch to work and then pass it on to other employees with a torch that will be an example of strength and determination, as well as tenacity and enthusiasm and serve as an example for all.

Key Aspects

Bring your personal Olympic torch to work with you.

Inspire your team to become more than just good

The chance of success is rarely a factor

(Written by Carole Spiers and reprinted with the kind permission of Gulf News]

Carole Spiers’ credibility is founded in her twenty-year success as CEO of a top UK Stress Management Consultancy, which has had equal success in the UK as well as the Gulf. She is a highly regarded professional on the subject of stress in the workplace as well as an BBC Guest Broadcaster, and the author of a brand new book called ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!

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