Thinking of Starting A New Media Empire?

Thinking of Starting A New Media Empire

Arianna Huffington is doing it, Oprah Winfrey is renowned for it, as are Martha Stewart and Tina Brown is experimenting with new ways of it. Each of these women has created successful media empires in the traditionally male-dominated media. It is encouraging to see a lot of other smart young post-midlife and middle age women who are creating their own media giants. From the newly-discovered demographic of mom bloggers to followers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTubers. women are becoming significant creators of content in the online space.

In the study of female-driven media startups , women voiced discontent of traditional news media. They said traditional media did not consider the benefits of using digital media, such as social sharing, video forums, blogs or follow-up stories, as well as personalised stories. Women wanted to see more involvement in the community and a greater focus on events of a smaller scale and felt that they were not being considered by the media who focused on politics, sports news and gossip about celebrities.

If you’re thinking about creating your own media empire, all you need is the computer, internet connection, and lots of passion. You can write about your kids craft projects or movies, books physical exercise as well as relationships, community news reviews, shopping technologies, school, environmental and current news and health, spiritual and social issues with fresh perspectives and debate.

However, while it’s easy to start an innovative media company, it’s not likely to draw readers. It takes time, effort, and there is no guarantee that it will stand out among the millions of people already online.

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Make sure you are selective when seeking advice or reading. There are a lot of websites that provide advice and information. A lot of them recommend creating social media accounts by building LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Pages and commenting on blogs to help build your brand. However, you could also waste your time. A well-written blog article can be more effective than chasing 100 likes on the Facebook fan page.

I think it’s recommended to start small, especially in the case of being solely on your own or have a few writers. I suggest making use of Twitter as a platform, and you should have an option to subscribe on your site , and then join Google Analytics and Bing. Google and Bing are excellent tools that can be used to monitor the amount of traffic to your site and pinpoint important articles, key words and user engagement. The rest can be left until you have the time and time to dedicate to an extensive web presence.

Are you able to earn money? Certain people earn a living by advertising and sponsored posts but it’s not feasible for every person. I would suggest that you do not abandon your day job yet.

Tips and Tips and Tricks:

Make use of image-based services if aren’t a photographer, like Big Stock, Guggenheim Images and Istockphoto.

Learn how to use an image manipulation program such as Photoshop or Gimp and also video editing skills.

Set up an RSS feed by using FeedBurner as well as FeedFury.

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Write or write, create, write and write, write,

Add buttons for sharing social media to your website.

Take the time to study the basics of SEO (I utilize Yoast) which can help you find the right keywords and boost the ranking of your website.

Enjoy a fascinating life. In the end, if you’re looking for something to write about , you must engage in something exciting. Change jobs, travel and move to another country, go back to school and play sports and write about your new romance, plant an herb garden, have pets, share ideas, offer advice, etc… I’m sure you can think of endless possibilities of things you could accomplish.