5 Things We As Professionals Should Remember!

5 Things We As Professionals Should Remember!

These are some of the things I noticed while on the road for the past few weeks. Although they were minor, not significant, issues, all of them left an impression. Please let me know if there are any other things you would like to add or if you have been guilty of any of them in your business.


Similar to Taxi, Jim asks what a yellow light means. When he took his driving test, this analogy is probably on the internet, if you don’t know it. This is a great way to have a good time and to laugh. You get messages on your phone constantly. The person who sends the message rushes you through it. After that, you may not be able to identify the number and might only have a general idea of what the call is about.

2. Sending Emails: GIVE INFORMATION.

Have you ever received an e-mail requesting a meeting or requesting information and then had to sign it “John”? Please answer this question quickly. Tell me about the forum or conversation and when you are available. Do not force me to play E-mail tag in order to narrow down a date or time. John, don’t force me to ask questions about it or make me wonder who you are!

3. E-Mail Signatures:

Make it Usable. You should, at a minimum, have your name, title, and company so that anyone can contact you. Do not force me to use another program or app to access the information. I received the E-mail from you. You must be interested in connecting with me. Make it useful! You can add a logo or tagline to your Email. This will be something that people will recall.

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4. Serving customers: KNOW YOUR STUFF.

Recently, I was staying at a hotel to attend a board meeting and had some time to spare between activities. I asked the desk clerk if there was any nearby that I could walk to. She said she had no idea. I was given a list of possible destinations, but all required a taxi. I found three adorable boutiques just a block away, and I began to promote economic development in the region. Then, I inquired about the transportation options available for getting back to the airport. Although she thought it might be available, the cost would be $180. She was sure that I wouldn’t use it. Duh! I had to go to the airport. Any other options? Although this experience was in a hotel, the same principles can be applied to any business dealing with customers. You and your staff should be aware of the environment around them and any other questions that might be asked. Perhaps you can do some brainstorming and share at your employee meetings.


It’s a ridiculous thing. You can’t be silly when the water is running over your head, and you reach for the shampoo or soap without looking down. Then they fall on the ground, and you reach down to grab them. It may be a girl thing, but I have a mission to let architects and contractors know that it is not. Etc. You should place the items that hold the products on the opposite side of the shower. To avoid any jockeying at the gas station, I also have a mission to ensure that all vehicles have their gas tanks on the same side. But… that’s another story.

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