The Energetic Pitfalls of Networking

The Energetic Pitfalls of Networking

Are you ever “energetically exhausted” after attending large-group meetings or networking events? These feelings are common among introverted entrepreneurs.
This is often caused by being around other people for a prolonged period of time. After attending business events such as conferences, networking events, or different types of events, you may feel emotionally or mentally exhausted.

Introvert entrepreneurs often feel the most energetic when they are alone. This is because they don’t feel the need to be around people to feel energized. This can be a problem at events with many people. It can be difficult to build connections in your business if you feel exhausted during these events.

These are signs you may be suffering from “people exhaustion.”

-Losing the focus of the conversation or group

-You have a headache when you start.

I am feeling overwhelmed/distracted.

– Feeling of fatigue

It can be beneficial to identify your “signs” and decide what you should do to preserve your mental and emotional energy. These are some strategies that can help you prevent or combat “people exhaustion.”

1. Prioritize your health and well-being.

Before you go to the event, make sure you are hydrated and have eaten a snack. This simple step will help you stay focused and keep you energized while you’re there.

2. Before you leave, be clear about your goals.

Decide what information you would like to learn and who you want to meet at the event. It can help you focus on the essential things when you arrive.

3. Find out how much you can handle.

It might be a good idea not to speak up if you feel exhausted. You should be honest about how you think and leave early if it is the right thing to do. You don’t want to be too comfortable speaking in public, which is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. When you start to see the “signs,” it’s necessary to take care of yourself.

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4. Take a break.

You may be unable to leave the event immediately, which sometimes happens. In these cases, you might consider taking a break. A quick trip to the bathroom, a glass of water, or a walk is all that’s needed to reconnect with your group.

It’s not something to be ashamed about if you feel exhausted at significant events or networking. This is something that many entrepreneurs, especially those who are introverted, experience often. You will feel more confident when you’re out and about meeting people to help your business.

Milissa Harding, a Mindset Coach for Introverted Entrepreneurs, is also a Mentor for Aspiring Leaders. Her step-by-step program supports introverted entrepreneurs as well as leaders. It teaches them how to grow their business in a way that is fully compatible with their personality and not what others tell them. Her clients are able to experience the joy, success, and ease that their business deserves.