Why Women Owned Start-Ups Thrive Quickly Online

Why Women Owned Start-Ups Thrive Quickly Online

An American Express OPEN report on the state of women-owned business reports shows that there has been a nearly 50% increase in women-owned online businesses. According to the same report, men-owned businesses grew at a mere 25% rate. This disparity raises many questions.

What makes women more successful than men? Do women have the ability to thrive in this digital age? Numerous studies have proven that women possess unique leadership qualities that are feminine and outperform their male counterparts. These qualities include:

Strong communication and social intelligence

Numerous studies show that women communicate better than their male counterparts. You can see the difference in the number and quality of your friends, both men, and women. A woman may have hundreds of friends, while a man might only have a handful.

Online communication skills are essential. Because you must communicate with people to get them to purchase your products or services. Men are often at a disadvantage because they lack social intelligence and communication skills.

Women listen well to each other.

Many studies have shown that women are excellent communicators. However, many other studies show that women are excellent listeners. Women are great listeners and can easily attract people to themselves, which allows them to build strong teams, including partners, contractors, and employees.

They are able to quickly create a team and listen to customers to adjust their products and services to suit their needs. The end result is growing because customers’ needs are met.

Women prefer low-risk endeavors.

There are many low-risk opportunities in the digital space. Ventures like e-commerce, software design, blogging, and other web-based services, require less startup capital than manufacturing or other brick and mortar ventures.

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A 2007 study entitled: Are males and females really that much different? Low-risk ventures are more attractive to women than to men, according to a 2007 study. It’s not known why women are drawn to low-risk ventures. However, scientists have suggested that low testosterone levels may be the reason.

It is a benefit to reduce risks as it increases success rates for female entrepreneurs online.

Women can be collaborators.

Women have done many things together since the time of the memorial. Women are often together, whether they’re helping to pick beans or clean the house. It is common for women to make joint trips to the bathroom.

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s article, Women will Rule Business, published in 2009 Time Magazine portrays women as conciliators and collaborators. This article says that women are able to lead in a motivating and highly engaging manner, which is ideal for the digital age.

It’s clear that women possess qualities that make them more attractive in the digital age. These are the traits that work in this digital age, so don’t you think it is time for men to learn them?