When Impatience Can Lead to Business Success… Or Failure

When Impatience Can Lead to Business Success... Or Failure

Stories from the Online Marketing Crypt #16

How the Gurus Are Setting You Up for Failure in Your Business (If You Let Them)

I am a very impatient kind of person. When I make a decision on what must be accomplished, I’d rather have to get it done now!

It’s not tomorrow.

This isn’t the following week (heaven forbid!)

Ideally, it could have been completed yesterday in the event that I had things my way.

I’m sure I’ve driven my team crazy by my overly optimistic expectations, but what? This is one of the main reasons why we’re still doing well after just 18 years.

I’m sure my naivete can be beneficial in terms of the quality of our customer service.

When we receive the request, and I am sure that the person who is accountable for fulfilling the request must do so as quickly as is possible.

This quick turnaround service has earned us a name as reliable and reliable.

I would venture to say that there aren’t many agencies with the same reputation.

It is a shock to me when I hear of customers who contact us and say that their web developer has been ghosting them or it can take over two weeks to have an update their website.

Does this sound like a way to manage a business?

Oh no!

Customer service is among the main areas that each business must pay particular focus on. Without it, customers don’t have a reason to stay loyal and will swiftly find an alternative that will give them the best service.

There’s an additional aspect to be impatient, one that many entrepreneurs succumb to, which is more significant.

It’s also their desire to achieve success.

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They don’t want the work of making an enterprise plan. Or a marketing strategy or any other plan for that matter.

They don’t want their research to determine the possibility that their concept will be a viable product to market to.

They do not want to create their books to know the numbers. Budget? What is it??

The list continues. This is boring stuff they don’t want to worry about.

What they really wish to create is.

Create a system that will attract thousands of customers to purchase online to relax at the beach to reap the rewards with no effort. (Which is precisely what the experts say they will do.)

Write a book so that you can be a top-selling keynote and author, earning thousands of dollars from every speaking engagement. (Which is what the experts say they will do.)

Create your Instagram account with followers in the 6-figure range to become an influencer and earn millions through amazing endorsement deals. (Which is precisely what the experts say they will do.)

These are only some of the ideas that entrepreneurs have for me. However, they do not have a business plan to see this actualized!

They’d like to skip all the steps required to build a profitable, sustainable company, as it’s not enjoyable or inspiring.

I get it. Everyone wants to speed up our progress. We all have the tendency to be anxious, especially when it comes to earning money!

If you’re guilty at every step of ignoring one or two steps in the fundamentals of your business, It’s not too late. Take a step back and seek help if you need it, and focus on the foundations before you move further into the creative phase.

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Your company will be grateful for it for many years to be.

For your success as a business,



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