How Workforce Mobility Can Help Your Business

How Workforce Mobility Can Help Your Business

Kelton Research found that workplace mobility is being increasingly valued by both American and British businesses. 68% of IT managers provide support for personal devices and technology in the workplace, while 63% of non-technical managers say that their employees are more productive if they allow them to use their devices. Even though businesses need to have new technology infrastructures such as Citrix remote work systems, workplace mobility is growing.

Why? Simple. Businesses reap the following benefits from workforce mobility:

1. Rapider response times

Customers will not have to wait for their contact to call to see if new products are available. Customers can expect an immediate response, which will result in higher customer satisfaction.

2. Better employee engagement.

Because they love the iPhone and its features, your employees will buy it and use it. They know how to use it. If they find the tiny keypad too cumbersome, it doesn’t make sense to force them into using a Blackberry. Your employees will be more productive if they have their preferred devices and won’t feel beaten down by managers. According to iPass, employees who have their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices are more productive than those who don’t. They also put in more time – as much as 240 hours more – than those who aren’t allowed to use them.

3. Make the most of your IT resources.

Your IT department may be able to provide more mobility for your employees, which could reduce the number of devices that are being managed, serviced, and maintained. It would also reduce the time and hardware costs that IT personnel would have to spend supporting employees who use company-issued devices. Your employees will be more comfortable with their devices and can solve problems themselves, rather than having to call the IT department.

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4. Lower costs

The business can pass operating costs onto the user. Your employees pay for their data plan or buy their devices.

5. Retention of employees is higher

Workers today value flexibility in the workplace and want to be able to work from wherever they choose.

Citrix workforce mobility is one of the many solutions that can help companies make their workers more mobile. Citrix workforce mobility allows businesses to not only let their employees work from wherever and whenever they like using any device they choose but also gives them a better user experience.

Citrix workforce mobility solutions will ensure that your network, data, and information are secure and foolproof. This allows your employees to have the flexibility they desire without worrying about IT security and potential technical mishaps.

Citrix makes remote work easy and secure. In fact, Citrix helps your IT departments gain control.

The benefits of workforce mobility far outweigh the risks. Remote working with Citrix is safer and more convenient, which allows you to enjoy the many other benefits.