What’s Your Number One Priority?

What's Your Number One Priority

Most solopreneurs neglect marketing. They only get to it after they have put out all the fires. While it is essential to take care of all your urgent business needs, it is equally important to remember that marketing will not help you attract the right clients.

Marketing should be your top priority. Marketing activities include networking, writing newsletters and articles, mailings, following up with potential clients, asking for referrals from current clients, and working on presentations and teleseminars.

When I tell clients that they should spend more time marketing, they usually have one of these objections.

1) First, I need to buy a product

You might be thinking, “Oh, but I need to create my program first so that I know what I have.” This is not how to think in today’s entrepreneurial world. It is possible to create the marketing materials for your program before you present them to clients. It is enough to create a brief outline of your program’s steps and the expected results when your client completes each step. You can then use that information to create a sales page for your program. To start a client, you only need to complete the first step. Then, you can begin working on the details of the following steps one at a time. Instead of waiting for your product to be finished, this will allow you to earn some extra income while you work on it.

2) There is not enough time for marketing

That’s absolutely correct. It is possible to spend all day marketing with all of the possibilities. You can spend all day marketing with all the opportunities available to you. Choose a few channels and then work them until results are achieved. Automate as much as possible. Two tips to help you with this: First, try not to do everything on all social media platforms. Pick one or two of these things first, and then you can add to your efficiency as they become more critical.

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If you enjoy writing, for example, you might set a goal to write at least one article per week. You can then use that article for a blog post and choose one to be part of a monthly newsletter. You could also consider posting your articles on article directories, Twitter, and Facebook. You could then set aside some time each week to create a PowerPoint presentation from some of your articles. It is easier to take baby steps.

Second, hire some help. Virtual assistants can help you with a lot of marketing tasks that don’t need to be done personally, like posting. This is one way you can “automate” your marketing. My business uses me to write the materials, and then I give them to my VA. She knows how to use it since I created a system for her. You can also automate by using one of the many online services such as social media management, blog/article writing, or video-making. You don’t have to do it all yourself. There are many online services that can help you.

3) I don’t want to be too salesy.

You must be different from your competitors if you want clients. It is essential to be authentic and highlight your unique qualities. We were taught to be humble and not brag about our accomplishments, which has led us to lose some of the uniqueness that makes us unique. Think about your strengths and talents.

What is it that you do that no one else does? What makes you unique? What is the unique gift you have that the world needs? You are particular and have something to offer your clients. If you are open and honest with potential clients about what you have to offer, it will not be interpreted as sales but instead as a genuine interest in helping others live their full potential. This will make you feel more comfortable and authentic with the process. It will also inspire your client to help them achieve their full potential.

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Rethink your business’s time as the new year approaches. Make a commitment to spend more time on marketing activities.