Go Read a New Business Book a Week

Go Read a New Business Book a Week

If you’ve lived in an underground cave for the last two years, then you ought to know that we’re still battling an outbreak of Covid pandemic. It is impossible for any country to claim that they are at the point of endemic. Therefore, watching streaming TV and watching Tiktok videos should not be the only thing we do. I believe that every businessperson needs to read at minimum one business-related book every week to boost their business savvy and stay updated with world-class business knowledge. Sometimes it is the case that an organized business reading program will yield higher returns than attending the post-graduate program. Here are some suggestions for purchasing a business book and determining how to increase the value.


This is the first page (if there is one) that I’ll look up before I open the book in the bookstore. The reason for this is that I would like to know how severe and meticulous the author has been in the preparation of the content. By looking through the references, I can tell whether his book is founded upon “Google-inspired” searching. I’d also like to know the accuracy of his data. To date as well.

Subject Expert

In the next step, I’ll go through the biography of the author to learn about the strengths and skills of his author. I could even email the author to ask for more details.


Certain business books are the result of years of study on a particular topic. The book is essential because it summarizes the results and spares readers hours spent analyzing the findings. So, the user will be convinced that the book was spent as the research paper could be pretty expensive to buy.

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I try to reach out to the author to request permission to use a portion of his work for my public presentations and PowerPoint slides. I believe this will not only give me more credibility as a business but also allow him to learn more about my business.

Networking Opportunities

When it’s appropriate, it’s vital to identify opportunities to network with these authors from the business. My personal opinion is that the most efficient method of getting their attention is to go through his entire book and then provide constructive feedback regarding the possibility of improvement. Everyone who writes for business loves feedback as he is able to gather the feedback and use them as a basis for the next book!

Book Review

You could write your own book reviews for him. Even if he doesn’t make use of it, you could use these book reviews as an aid to your own presentations.


If you’re an aspiring business author, then you could reach out to his publisher with an idea for a book. It is possible to make use of the book as a reference point (not a model) to draw the interest of his publisher.

Your Business Journey

Finally, I think that buying a book in print is a concrete way to build the library you have of information as you grow. It’s a way of showing respect you show to the author. The multiple pages of underlining and dog-eared pages can be proof of the way this book has influenced your life at various stages of your business career.

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Therefore, you should go ahead and take a look at a business-related book!