6 Reasons To Start A Business During This Pandemic

6 Reasons To Start A Business During This Pandemic

It’s not a mistake I stand by in my piece. It is the perfect opportunity to start an enterprise of your desires or to grow your existing company. And yes, we’re all in the Covid the pandemic. What is the reason for my optimism? Am I off-topic in my ideas?

Ich is an economics professor as well as a business teacher. For a considerable period of time, I’ve been a devoted Singapore/Indonesia member in the World Future Society. So, scenario planning is definitely an area of my skills.

Here are my thoughts on the reasons to launch a new business right now.

Reason 1: Globalisation

The globalization trend continues to grow. In fact, more and more and more people are joining the bandwagon to purchase items and services from different nations. There is a constant urge to buy new “big things” no matter the source of the innovative ideas.

Reason 2: Rapid Spread of Information

As the world takes its breath, waiting for the technological advance toward 5G, the only thing that has to be acknowledged is the speed at which we can exchange information and inaccurate information. With the correct marketing strategy, it is possible to propel your corporate branding to a broader base of potential customers in less period of time.

3. From the social web to mega Sticky Media (MSM)

I came up with the acronym MSM as a result of the Covid period that began in 2020; it was the time for the growth of Tiktok to become a free media platform that could get messages for businesses across. It was like a blend that was a mix of YouTube and Instagram but at the speed of seconds. This is the first occasion in the history of mankind; marketers must distill an essence from a company that fits the typical Tiktok attention span. For many, this seems complicated, but to the young market, this is called “Got to do it quickly!” GTDIQ – another one of my new acronyms.

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Reason 4: Social Activism

A business’s decision to embrace social change and to be an ethical business partner is not something new. It is also good business sense. The flurry of events on social media that began in 2020 and the way customers and shareholders will be supportive of the business that takes a stance has now been gaining momentum. So, when you begin an enterprise that is now, it’s almost an accepted fact that your brand must be able to demonstrate a certain amount of being a catalyst for change to improve the lives of people.

Reason 5: No Lack of Funding

There is an abundance of capital. However, there is the possibility of a new model for financial transactions Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), that allows startups to avoid using the conventional Initial Public Offering (IPO) method. There is a growing demand for patents as well as new business models to help shift into a new area.

Reason 6: Food Security and6 Reasons To Start A Business During This Pandemic Sustainability Issues

With the recognition that the sustainability of food and the environment continues to challenge the minds of many decision-makers in the government, There are plenty of opportunities to conduct more research in this field. Therefore, startups can create their business plans and strategies in line with these concerns.

With these things in mind, you should think about setting up a business now!