What Could You Do, Right Now, to Get Closer to Your Goal

What Could You Do, Right Now, to Get Closer to Your Goal (1)

Do you experience this often? Overwhelmed? If yes, then you’re not alone. Everyone feels that way. I’m sure I do. While it may not be a catalyst to take action, it could cause the opposite.

It can cause you to be paralyzed. It may prevent your mind from being able to concentrate at all. That’s before our feelings get in the way. Our emotions can inspire us to do great things, but they can also disappoint us very badly.

Here’s the issue.

While we work on our businesses, we hear the voice of a small voice that accuses us of being phoney. Have you ever heard it? Is it like, “You are aware of the great lifestyle you’ve planned to enjoy?

Then it’s not looking like you’ll succeed!” Then you consider the number of efforts you’ve put into your numerous ventures, and you find yourself thinking about the humiliation you’ve faced with relatives and friends because things didn’t go the way you’d hoped. It’s even more difficult to focus even on the most basic task at hand.

Does this sound familiar to you? I’m speaking from personal my own experience. I’ve experienced what it’s like. In your first time beginning a business, you envision having an expensive Ferrari. When you reach your third or 4th attempt, and you’re left with a BMW, and when you hit 10 or 11, you begin to doubt if you’ll ever pay for car loans with a Skoda. In my opinion, from a variety of angles, it’s the attention to what we will buy from running a profitable business that takes our attention off of what’s important.

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There are many who set up businesses to earn money. But those who try time and time and time get frustrated with the whole process.

Oh sure. If you witness an auto speeding by you, it may provide you with a little bit of an electric tingle, but I believe that there is an era in the lives of many entrepreneurs when they shift their thinking between “I’m going to become wealthy,” to “I hope it will be possible to make this work.”

The problem for me, in my opinion, is no credible information that can guide us to move in the right direction. We’re still being bombarded with all the hype about huge account balances in banks, PayPal, and ClickBank accounts that a lot of so-called experts display online on the Internet. We’re still shown high-end cars and luxury vacations we’re expected to dream of in order to help our businesses grow.

Absolutely ridiculous!

Are these items able to add some joy to our days?


What we really want is a believable vision that will allow us to grow our companies that align with our fundamental values. When I was exhausted of this constant media hype, I decided to develop an educational program that could help entrepreneurs like you envision an ideal future you can be confident about. It’s a vision that you believe will be worth the financial rewards you are sure will be there at some point. And I’m here to tell you that as I recorded it, I too started to feel the joy that a vision such as that could bring.

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I’m excited to share this experience with you. I’m so excited that I’m determined to provide this to you.

I’m not trying to make it easy for you to buy it. But, I do realize that there are many potential business people who aren’t quite ready for what I will explain. Therefore, I’ve decided I’ll only offer this training only to people who take part in the two interview sessions that I conducted together with two other entrepreneurs. Both have built multi-million dollar companies starting from the beginning to finish.

Both had thousands of dollars of charge card debt.

Terry Dean

Terry Dean began his first online business with no technical expertise whatsoever. He was a pizza delivery man full-time but was unable to earn enough money to survive. In his free time, he learned to teach himself to become an internet-based marketer. In this candid conversation, Terry talks about the mistakes entrepreneurs who are just starting out the make and provides tips on how to avoid these.

Bill Liao

It is likely that you have stated that your debts are always rising to use up all your earnings. We all know the ease of allowing it to grow into far more than that. Bill Liao was able to find out. He was making a lot higher than Terry Dean, but despite the fact that his wife was employed in addition, he has been able to accumulate $30K of credit card debt too. However, his life was changed when the director of a charitable organization challenged him to sign a commitment to donate $50k during the next year.

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Not only did he fulfil his pledge, but he also was able clear his outstanding debts and then added $50K to the original.

Terry and Bill Terry and Bill, I learned a lot from both of them during these interviews. I’m certain that you’ll gain too.