7 Keys To Being Successful

7 Keys To Being Successful

1. First, you must believe in yourself.

You will never achieve your goals if you don’t think you can. Talk to yourself in the mirror if you feel the need. It will help you tremendously. You can look in the mirror and affirm that you are successful. I can create anything “… I’m good enough. Only you need to KNOW who you are.

2. Decide precisely what you want.

You will flounder in “Limbo,” not knowing what you want. You can make a final decision about what you want and then start moving in the right direction. Visualize yourself achieving your goal. FEEL the emotion of what you will feel.

3. Find someone who has done what you want and be a role model.

It’s easier to achieve something if someone has done it before. Obsess over them. You can read books about them or watch videos. Follow the steps they followed to achieve success.

4. Do massive actions.

You can only know what you really want if you take massive action. You don’t have to spend your entire budget at once. But take the steps now that will get you there. Do not just stand at the edge and dip your toes in, afraid of getting wet. Don’t be scared to get wet! Stop worrying about “failing” or “what people will think.” What if it goes wrong ?”…? The only way to make it wrong is not to try. Get it done. You must take action now!

5. You must keep your word until the goal is achieved.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the way you planned. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your goals if it is something you really want. Don’t give up on your dreams.

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6. Fear not of failure.

Failure is not an option for winners. Failing doesn’t mean you failed… it simply means you tried a different way. This paragraph was posted by YAHOO Answers…

“When Thomas Edison was being interviewed by a young reporter, he boldly asked him if Edison felt like a failure or if he believed he should give up. Edison was perplexed and replied: “Young man! Why would I feel like a failure?” Why would I ever give in? I know now that there are over 9,000 reasons why an electric lightbulb will not work. I am close to success. Edison created the light bulb shortly thereafter, after more than 10,000 failed attempts. That is an incredible motivation!

Dori, a blue fish, named Dori, once said to me: “Just Keep Swimming, Just Swimming.”

7. Listen and learn.

Accept the fact that you don’t know everything. Succession is not a matter of knowing everything. Be open to learning from others, regardless of your ego.

Don’t compare yourself with others… You are perfect where you are. Don’t let yourself get down just because you don’t know as much about Bob. Remember that even Bob had to start from the beginning.

Make a decision and take action. Follow your heart’s desires and believe in yourself. God believes in you. You should, too.