What Being On Tinder Teaches You About Business and Entrepreneurship

What Being On Tinder Teaches You About Business and Entrepreneurship


Being a good person can be applied to both dating and business. In the case of Tinder, the focus is on choosing the best profile photos that convert to be used in the sales and marketing world. It’s also about creating a compelling ‘copy,’ i.e., providing a concise but convincing description of yourself that highlights your strengths and character.

It’s almost one-to-one with the steps you take when you create the sales page for your new launch of a product.

The Elevator Pitch

When I am matched with potential partners, the conversations are usually extremely similar. I’d say I’ve nearly perfected my elevator pitch’ in response to the question of ‘what do you do to earn your living? My answer is the same each time. “I work in banking. However, I also have a side business that I am extremely enthusiastic about. I am developing an online platform for personal finance education to help millennials manage their money.’

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to describe your company in only a couple of sentences and have your presentation ready to blast off at any timeā€”the repeated talk about your company and what you do through Tinder very quickly.


In the past two weeks, I had three, let’s call them sub-par, Tinder dates. Two of the ladies didn’t like their profiles, and the third, I had none of them. It’s unfortunate that these are frequent when Tinder. Tinder and online dating generally. However, there aren’t all negative with regards to Tinder. I’ve met my former girlfriend on Tinder and dated for more than one year, and I’ve been in contact with a variety of other incredible women with shorter but very enjoyable conversations.

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In both (Tinder) dating as well as business, perseverance and tenacity are crucial. You persevere through the tough times to reach the positive. Tinder certainly taught me this.

If You Do Not Close the Deal, You Could Find A Joint Venture instead.

Two months ago, I was introduced to an attractive lady, a couple of years younger than me and physically similar to me. After a few flirts and an initial chat on the messaging app, it was revealed that she was a committed Christian and was seeking someone who was a part of her beliefs. I immediately reacted with honesty and informed her that it wasn’t her, but she did mention she worked in the field of media and also does film production as a side job. When I was searching for someone to create my video content for my latest project, I asked her about the price and if this was something she would be able to accomplish. A month later, after my conversation, I sat in her studio in front of the camera and began making promotional videos.

In the business world, like Tinder, it is impossible to predict who you’ll meet or the impact they’ll have on your business or personal life. Therefore, keep your eyes open.