Tools to Help You Work From Anywhere

Tools to Help You Work From Anywhere

Being in a position to work from any location no longer has been a goal. But, regardless of whether you want to work from home, are looking to get rid of having to work in the office, or are thinking of launching an exciting new venture in a remote location, you will require the proper tools.


You’ll need an efficient phone system for your business, no regardless of where you are. Your clients or employers will need to contact you. If you are looking to make a VoIP hosted, PBX is an excellent option as the phone system is in the Cloud and is available wherever you are. It is possible to access your phone system through your browser, and you can make use of any number you want, including a toll-free number. The calls will be transferred via the internet to your place of residence regardless of whether it is far away from the world. Be sure to have an internet connection that is reliable as well as a Skype phone or softphone or smartphone application to make or receive calls. If you’re traveling without access to the Internet, you are able to forward your phone calls through your iPhone or Android when you are using the correct app. Ask your service provider about the App you’ll require to install prior to departing the States.

Document Storage & Collaboration

Coordinating with your vendors, staff, and customers with insanely long lists of IMs and emails that contain large files to download continuously when you’re traveling isn’t efficient or practical. As a minimum, you should use Google Docs, Livedrive, or DropBox to share documents and project management software such as Basecamp to manage projects in an entire team. Make sure your email is in the cloud, too, so that your contacts and emails can be shared and that your records of communications remain secure.

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Your Computer Gear

Tablets might seem like fantastic gadgets to show off in the cafe or be more convenient to use than a laptop at an airport, but they’re not the best alternative to the capacity and storage of laptops. A fantastic smartphone, as well as a big-screen laptop, is probably the most effective pair of equipment. A tablet is an excellent backup. However, they can also be a primary victim of mugging in numerous places you could be thinking of visiting.

Your Money

Finding yourself in a country in which you can barely speak the language and have no cash in the bank isn’t going to be enjoyable. It is essential to know that the currency is strictly controlled in certain countries, making ATMs inaccessible. Credit card companies could cut your limits without warning, and you shouldn’t be shocked when they block accounts when they notice strange charges coming from unorthodox locations. Be sure to carry multiple types of cards, call the credit card companies prior to your leave, and make sure you have bill pay and online banking in addition to the capability to transfer money prior to your departure.

Staying Connected

If you are traveling within America U.S., a simple WIFI connection or MIFI device will guarantee that you’re always online. Certain European countries also offer similar pay-as-you-go or prepaid devices. If you’re going to an exotic location, ensure you look into internet providers before you travel. There aren’t all hotels with WiFi, and there might not be a lot of cyber cafes around where you can connect to the internet. Also, your cell phone might not function, or you could have to pay expensive roaming costs. Also, if you’re going to be using VoIP to manage your business phone system, you’ll require a reliable and reliable connection to your cable since WIFI isn’t very reliable when it comes to VoIP.

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Finding Ways to Save on Travel

If you’re planning on doing an extended amount of travel, you’ll need to be more adept at finding discounts. Hotwire is great for car rentals, Cheapoair and Spirit for flights, and Airbnb for accommodation at a discount. Additionally, you can tap into the masses on websites such as Travbuddy and outsourcing platforms such as oDesk to gain insight from locals. They can help you save money on lodging and provide you with cheap tours guides as well as translators.