3 Issues With Starting Your Own T Shirt Printing Business

3 Issues With Starting Your Own T Shirt Printing Business

Printing T-shirts to make money is possible for those who are able to purchase the appropriate equipment and who conduct their own research and increase their knowledge of the various methods of applying designs to plain shirts.

The market for T-shirts with printed designs is enormous; almost everyone in the world has at some point. They’ve become a popular means for people to exercise their individuality and are a fashion accessory.

There are numerous misconceptions regarding the amount of difficulty involved as well as the kinds of challenges that may be faced when beginning the business of printing T-shirts.

Before you decide to invest in costly equipment and print your marketing materials, Let’s look at some of the commonly-repeated misconceptions and problems with the printing of T-shirts business:

Issue # 1: Computer generates heat transfer designs

Yes, it is a simple method to make certain designs in bulk. If you’re careful about how you operate your equipment and know which materials work best to be used for heat transfer, it can be a fantastic beginning to establishing a successful custom T-shirt company. A number of individuals have utilized heat transfer for their printing business. One issue potential entrepreneurs face is that the designs created by heat transfer don’t transfer well on the dark-colored shirt.

Issue #2 Is it possible that a startup T-shirt business kit will provide you with everything you have to learn

Buying the correct equipment and an instructional video isn’t the final word and is not all that people who sell the products would like to have potential entrepreneurs believe. Doing extensive research about the kinds of designs you’d like to make and the best method to best fit your needs, and the materials that are available to you can go a long way in ensuring that you don’t squander time and valuable resources.

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If you’re skilled in the hands and would like to create huge quantities of designs using the smallest color palette, maybe screen printing is the perfect fit for you.

If you’re a fan of creating intricate designs using your favorite computer program and you plan to produce small runs, then an electronic garment printer (also called direct-to-garment) will likely be better suited to your abilities and needs.

Don’t spend your cash – there are millions of people who buy start-up kits that assurance of higher earnings without knowing the requirements to enter into this sort of business. The equipment typically gets pushed into the back of the garage or in a storage unit until they can drag it out for a garage sale in spring cleaning.

A better option than purchasing your own equipment is to hire a different company that specializes in contract printing of digital garments to handle the printing for you. If you do this, it is easy to take orders from your customers and let another company handle the actual printing. This is a great method to start by learning how to sell and building a client base before you invest in the equipment.

Issue #3: Your designs make up a large element of the investment you make

The process of learning the various techniques employed in the printing of T-shirts business is just the beginning of the process. The artwork you create is an integral element of the branding and printing company. Your work is what can bring new customers to your company. Also, you must ensure that your artwork is matched with the right T-shirt fabric and printing technique to make the most of the investment.

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When printing silk screens, For instance, you must be cautious about the method you use to organize and arrange your design. Any deviation can result in sloppy-looking garments which will not fulfill the requirements of your client. The most straightforward designs to use in silk-screen printing are ones that incorporate simple artwork and text.

If you are planning to launch any new business venture, be sure you do an extensive amount of research prior to making a major financial commitment, such as purchasing equipment or acquiring the space you need for your business. Forums that focus on the apparel decorating industry are a fantastic opportunity to learn new perspectives and discuss ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.