Things Your Momma Never Told You About Running a Business!

Things Your Momma Never Told You About Running a Business!

On Wednesday, April 9, the South Carolina Women’s Business Center hosted its First Annual Spring Luncheon. It was probably the most expensive $50 I’ve ever spent. Deb Sofield, a dynamic speaker and author moderated the panel discussion that featured some of the most prominent women entrepreneurs in Upstate.

Panel members:

Carmen Geschke, President and Owner of Protec-Enterprises LLC

Taryn Scher is President and Founder at TK PR

Elizabeth Garrison Rasor is the founder of Ever-Green Recycling

Cindy Parker, owner of Eyes In Motion, Georgia/Carolina Safety Specialties, Inc.

Karen Knuckles, owner of Express Employment Professionals

Not only did we hear from the amazing panelists, but there was also the opportunity to have a speed mentoring session. Karen Knuckles, Express Employment Professionals, was available to me for a one-on-one meeting. Every panelist was from a different industry, so there was something for everybody to understand. Participants of all levels, whether they are new business owners or have been in business for 20 years, found valuable information.

These are the notes that stuck with me.

Get Your Business Started

Make a decision! Make a decision.

It is not just about the product or service. But it is also about managing the business side. (Marketing, Training, Finance, Cash Flow, etc.)

Do not allow one client to make up the majority of your income.

Establish a relationship with your banker. They will be your best friend!

Stay true to yourself and learn what you are worth!

How to run your business:

Keep going! It is impossible to give up. There will be roadblocks. You must find a way around them.

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As long as there is a paycheck coming in you can knock on every door. It doesn’t matter if you have a client or a sale, you can’t stop. It is important to continue “knocking on doors”.

Make sure you have the right people in your team. Both your personal and business boards of advisers are crucial.

Volunteer! Volunteer for an organization that can use your services. You must be strategic. Volunteering to clean up trash is great but offering your PR services free of charge is a better way for you to use your time and get your name out.

Wisdom words for new entrepreneurs:

Instead of focusing on the good, focus on the exceptional.

Before you ask for a mentor, do your research. People are busy; don’t waste their time on things that you can easily find on Google.

Find a niche that you are good at and pursue it.

Fear will motivate you and make you successful. It’s normal to feel fear as you get started. This fear will be with you all the way and motivate you to work hard.

You may need to schedule this time like a meeting. When you’re well rested, you’ll be your best. Make time for the things that you enjoy.

The South Carolina Women’s Business Center provides free counseling for business planning, business management, feasibility, funding applications, and other issues. Today’s event was organized by the Upstate chapter. They did an incredible job! I will be signing up for counseling and plan to attend other events they organize.

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