The Entrepreneurial “Wow Factor” – Do You Have It?

The Entrepreneurial Wow Factor - Do You Have It

Entrepreneurs are not all created equal. However, they all have something in common, despite their differences. It’s not a large inheritance or a Wharton MBA. A “wow” factor is essential to be successful in the unpredictable business world. This “wow” factor can come in many forms. These are just a few examples:

The Advisor

Entrepreneurs who have the “advisor factor” help people. They believe that the customer needs them, and it is their job at all costs to help. This may sound like you. Sometimes work can take over your personal life.

People just like you

John W. Nordstrom. Nordstrom


You cringe if you’re a Superstar. Your powerhouse needs to be shared. Superstars know everything, have it all and want everyone to know it. It’s admirable to have such confidence but don’t let your name be forgotten by those who read the tabloids.

People just like you

Donald Trump, CEO of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts

The Artist

Many entrepreneurs are true artists. People may view you as reserved if this is you. But creativity is all you have! Your creativity and out-of-the-box ideas are the foundation of your business. You can be a little too sensitive when it comes to criticism.

People just like you

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert
Gordon Ramsay, chef and restaurateur

The Visionary

Visionary entrepreneurs are often accused of being too optimistic. You are driven by your vision of the future. It’s all great, but who is actually watching the present? Plan for the present to avoid future landmines.

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People just like you

Bill Gates, Microsoft Inc.
Steve Jobs, Apple
Sergey Brin, Google

The Analyst

Analysts have a systemic outlook on life. This is what you have if you’re able to solve problems. Smartypants. You may also have trust issues. This is something you should work on. Logically speaking, this is the best route.

People just like you

Gordon Moore, Intel

The Healer

Are you the mothering type? The Healer wow factor could be you. Your business will be in harmony because of your ability to bring order and balance. You have the ability to keep your inner peace even in chaos. Kudos to you. You may be prone to ignore outside reality. Although it is great to be imaginative, you need to anchor your business.

People just like you

Ben Cohen, Ben & Jerry’s
Do you like to be the visible type of entrepreneur? Are you proud of your achievements and living the Superstar lifestyle? Are you a Visionary who quietly organizes your billion-dollar empire in your head? No matter what your personality type, remember that success stories are different for everyone. Now that you feel like you can relate to Steve Jobs and The Donald, it is time to start writing yours.

Do you want to turn your business dreams into a reality?