How To Generate Great Business Ideas

How To Generate Great Business Ideas

You might be wondering that with millions of people striving each day to land the one spark that single idea that could make the world a better place than Apple, Google, Coke, or Disney, Only a few are able to accomplish that feat. What is it that makes them tick? It’s how they perceive, feel and take in the universe. Business ideas that are great are all around you. I’m not talking about it. It’s just a matter of having the ability to see the opportunity and transform it into a profitable business. In this article, I provide you with some tips on how to come up with amazing business ideas.


Human brains are an incredible source of inspiration, So why not take advantage of this wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. Join social networks, attend forums, seminars, and other social events and take advantage of the chance to initiate conversations, express your thoughts, and discover how the thinking process of individuals works. Socializing with new people is a great method to get those creative sparks going and influence your brain to think in new ways. This approach isn’t limited to only professional gatherings. A visit to the museum or park or even an outing with friends will boost your mental capacity.

Create a new idea from an existing Idea

Why create when you can create something new. Utilize a concept that is already in place or product and improve it to make it more effective and better. Check around and see the hundreds of services and products available, but if they don’t meet your standards, work on them and provide something more appealing. This is exactly that’s what Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen did. Two ice cream enthusiasts were of the view that the brands they already had were not adequate. They decided to create their own extremely loved and well-known company, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc, that makes delicious and delicious Ice creams.

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There’s an abundance of concepts already in the air, and you only need to think about them and modify them to meet the evolving fashions and expectations.

Hear it through the Horse’s Mouth

There’s no better way to generate innovative ideas than through interaction with those who are involved. One example: Kevin Brooks, a triathlete, was faced with a problem to resolve. Friends and family members who attended his races were unable to find Kevin among the hundreds of racers. Kevin thought of the solution to this issue; however, before he could convert his idea into a viable business plan, he needed to first ensure that the other racers also faced the same issue. Kevin spoke to thousands of triathletes and discovered it was a common problem. Then he started Brooks Air Brush studio and made use of his airbrush expertise to create and design custom triathlon helmets.

In the same way, if your area of expertise is software for education, you might want to send parents a questionnaire to get a better understanding of their issues, preferences, needs, and interests. It is even better to directly contact parents directly. People are more open when confronted in person rather than doing surveys.

Notepad for Business Pain Points

The primary goal of every company is to address issues, either through providing products or services. This is what successful businesses do. They recognize the problems of their customers and come up with solutions. The business pain points or customer issues are all around and can be able to grab your attention at any moment. To capture these sudden flashes of thoughts, you should keep a Pain Points Notebook to write down issues that are everywhere around you. It is possible to review the book frequently and come up with strategies to address them. At first, you’ll be bombarded with negative ideas, but don’t quit. Work hard, and soon you’ll be able to find a treasure.

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Learn the newspaper and Surf the Web

The act of reading books is a great method of stimulating your brain and coming up with new ideas. If you’re not a regular reader, you should start slowly. Devote six hours per week the books you like. You can follow this plan for six weeks, and I’m sure that you’ll discover plenty of information to stimulate your mind.

Another way to find fresh ideas is to go online surfing. Begin with the guru Google or search for terms like “what’s the latest trend or ‘what’s hot and what’s new,’ or the “I’m feeling lucky” button to search for the subject of your interest. Join Facebook communities related to branding, business, and Entrepreneurship. On Twitter, look at hashtags that are relevant to areas of interest to you as well as follow what’s discussed there, take a lesson from others and then share your thoughts with your peers.

What are other methods to get new business ideas? Do you have any suggestions?