How to Find Inspiration When You Really Need It

How to Find Inspiration When You Really Need It

Do you know how taking a bath is the best way to get great ideas? Are you on vacation?

When you least expect it, inspiration strikes.

How do you locate it when you really need it?

Are you looking for input on your newsletter, new service, marketing launch, or title for your next program,

When you have a problem that you cannot solve?

These three tips will help you find inspiration whenever you need it.

Tip #1: Relax and ask

If you feel you need inspiration now, it can cause a halt in the flow of ideas. You are blocking the flow of ideas, baby.

Here are some suggestions:

Deepen your breathing. Close your eyes. Connect to your intuition or higher self, source, intuition, or whatever else you like.

Ask it for ideas and help to keep your eyes open to receiving them.

Next, grab a piece of paper. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Do a brain dump. For 20 minutes, write.

A golden idea may just be right in the middle of all the chaos.

Tip #2: Brainstorm bad ideas

When we brainstorm, we often try to find good ideas. Don’t.

This can also put pressure on the process.

Instead, focus on lousy, terrible, and bad ideas.

Ask yourself these questions:

How can I make this situation worse?
What are the 15 topics my readers won’t be interested in reading?
-What is the worst title you can think of for this program?
What are 25 ways that you can scare clients away forever?
How can I ensure that no one signs up for my program?

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You can make a list of 13 things that will stop anyone from signing up.

Tip #3: Time Travel

Imagine yourself in a moment when you are able to solve your problem, have created your newsletter, or come up with a title for your new program.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself when you have achieved whatever you are trying to inspire.

Imagine yourself in a room with your future self. Ask yourself questions.

Ask your future self questions like:

How did you solve it? What was your solution?
-What were you doing?
Do you have any suggestions for me?
What should I be focusing on first?
Who can I turn to for inspiration or help?
Write down all the answers that you receive.

Do not worry about whether this is true, false, stupid or accurate. Or if it’s all a hoax.

It doesn’t really matter. It’s just another way to access ideas and inspiration.

This week’s transformative action:

Looking for inspiration? These tips can be reread again.

Remember this:

Inspiration is everywhere around you, like air. And oxygen. Energy. It’s all about abundance.

It’s there. Always. It doesn’t take much to find it. You just have to be open to it.

If you become stressed, panicky, push for an answer, or try to force things, you can actually block the flow.

Relax. Breath. Slow down.

Remember that everything you need is right in front of your nose.