How to End a “Dry Spell” in Your Business

How to End a Dry Spell in Your Business

One of the great passions you will have when you are in business for yourself is when business is humming along and you have a full cotillion card guests are calling and emailing you, your timetable is crammed with jobs and movables , and your mailbox and bank accounts show a healthy affluence of checks and plutocrat.

All that hard work is paying off!
But you know what? There is actually a strike to being really busy and in- demand. And you know what that is? Complacency!

When effects are going great you can find yourself starting to, well, take it for granted! As if you are ALWAYS going to be this busy so you do not really need to do anything differently. Just sit back and let the jobs roll in. Right?

One of the most dangerous mindsets you can borrow if you are an entrepreneur or a voice- over artist like me is to suppose you can stop marketing and laboriously applying your sweats to your business, just because you are so busy. You might indeed kid yourself that you simply do not have TIME to do any marketing, BECAUSE you are so busy.
Then is what happens

You aresuper-enthusiastic and you spend time marketing and literacy and applying yourself aggressively to getting new business.
Business starts to flow in and you are busy and in- demand. So you decide( purposely or unconsciously) that you can stop marketing and literacy because you are so busy.
Suddenly business drops off or dries up because all those guests are done hiring you for now. But because you stopped selling, you do not have any new guests or work flowing into your channel.
The result?

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The dreaded” Dry Spell.” And fear!

No phone calls or emails are coming in. systems are slow. Your bank accounts and correspondence box are seeing a lot lower action.

So, long story short, the assignment then’s Indeed when business is BOOMING, you simply must be marketing.

still, indeed when you are busy, you will continue to increase your business success and security as the times go by, If you stay harmonious with your marketing and continue to keep literacy.

And this applies to you, indeed if you are one of the lucky bones
who has a SUPER customer who is been using your services for times and who pays you really, really well.

Have you given allowed
to what would be if that customer decided to go with a different branding image? If that customer had a” changing- of- the- guard” which redounded in their bringing in a whole new platoon of gift?( i.e., replacing you.) An unwelcome study for sure and we hope that noway happens. But are you set if it does?

I mention this because it actually happed to me. Times agone
, my biggest modeling customer, whose work comprised the bulk of my periodic income, changed superintendent- position staff and they” gutted house.” All the people associated with the” former” superintendent- position staff went bye- bye. Overnight. The models. The shutterbugs. The makeup and hair artists. The announcement agency. Everyone. Bye- bye. I was left floundering around like a fish out of water because I’d completely taken their business( 10 times!) for granted.

Do not do what I did. Make sure you keep feeding your channel to guarantee a nonstop sluice of business.

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Okay, so whether you are in a dreaded” dry spell” right now( don’t worry, we are going to turn that around!), or whether you are in a ecstatic” busy spell,” then are some effects you can do( and continue to do) to get, and keep, business coming in on a harmonious base.

Just say” No!” to dry spells. Then are a many ideas to get you started

1.) Reach out to new guests on a regular base, no matter how busy you are.


Every day, or every week, or every month, make sure you communicate brand new guests and introduce yourself to them and offer your services. Whether by telephone, dispatch, in person, or by referral, continually reach out to NEW guests.

2.) Keep in touch with your being guests on a regular base.


shoot them thank- you cards( not emails) after jobs you do for them. Stay acquainted of what is going on in their business- systems, awards, anniversaries, website updates. Be involved! Flash back their birthdays. shoot epicure wine baskets for vacation presents. Promote their products and programs in your social media posts. CARE about them and treat them like good musketeers.

3.) Grow and change and let your customer base KNOW you are growing and changing.


For illustration, if you are a voice actor, modernize your voice- over demonstrations and make sure to let ALL your guests and prospective guests know you’ve doneit.However, let everyone know, If you learn a new skill or acquire an delegation. Any positive change in your skill set or marketing accoutrements is a great reason to reach out to EVERYONE you know. Give them a reason to notice you and want to work with you.

4.) Get out of your” niche” and start stretching yourself in new areas.


Do not be a one- trick-pony.However, get coaching and learn to do vitality voice- overs, If you only do medical history voice-overs.However, produce a hand talk around that subject and adventure into public speaking about your content, If you write a blog about nutrition and health. suppose of new ways to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, while at the same time exercising your established chops and strengths. Chart new home and people will notice.

5.) Start a blog!


Include papers, guest papers, and product reviews that you know will intrigue your guests and be sure to shoot them an dispatch with your blog link, inviting them to share. Come a resource in your assiduity for your peers and your guests.

6.) Make your diurnal watchword be action, action, action!


Whether it’s perfecting and expanding your chops, adding your online presence, laboriously reaching out to new and living guests, or just organizing and streamlining your business practices. When you take harmonious action to ameliorate yourself and your marketing sweats, you WILL see dramatic results.

Make a commitment now to take harmonious, diurnal action in your business. Not only will you garner new business and an advanced character, I promise your” dry spells” will be a thing of the history.