3 Clarifying Questions for Your Business, Book or Program

3 Clarifying Questions for Your Business, Book or Program

Recently, I shared that I was feeling stuck with my new book. I wasn’t sure where I was stuck at first.

It was not until last year that I realized that my business and I were in a completely different place. In the final phase, I had to say goodbye to my clients, audience, and programs in order to make way for the next chapter and my mission. I also prepared for the book’s next phase by answering questions to clarify the message, structure, and content. Today, I am in a completely different business than I was a year ago. The answers to some of the questions I gave no longer work. This made it clear to me what I needed to do to get out of my rut: Take these questions out and ask them again from where I am now. It is possible that you are in the middle (or near) of a huge business transformation or about to write your first book.

These questions were helpful for me in preparing my book. These questions might be useful even if you don’t plan to write a book right now. These questions can be used to make you pretend that you are writing a book on a topic very close to your heart. You might be surprised at the insights you get about your mission, purpose, and the direction that your business is moving in.

#1 Who are your ideal clients?

What is their greatest problem? What does it mean for their business and/or life?

Make a mental picture of your ideal customer. Give your ideal client a name. As if you were writing a book or creating a program or product for someone else.

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#2 What’s your solution to their problem?

What can you do to help them? What is your vision for the future? What are they supposed to know, understand and do?

What can your program, book, or service do to help them get on the right track?

#3 WHY?

Why would you like to write this book?

Why is it important to you that your clients solve their problems?

Why is it important to them? What does your book/program do for their business, lives, work, health, happiness, and personal well-being?

What does this do to their environment and the people that they love?

How does that change the world? If your clients don’t suffer from their problems, how can it make a difference?

This week’s Transformational Action

If you have decided to create a product or program or write a book:

Answer the above questions, and then start creating! There is no better time than summer to create something.

These questions will help you gain more insight into the changes that you and your company are experiencing.

Answer the above questions and take a look at your business.

Are you serving the ideal clients? Are you connected to your work and the people with whom you work?

Are you passionate about what you do?

Is it a mission? If so, what type of mission are you on?

If your business is not fulfilling your calling or if it doesn’t feel like your passion, you should definitely reflect on this summer.

Brigitte van Tijl is a breakthrough expert in soul purpose and soul-centered entrepreneurs. She is the author of ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness- Transforming the World by Thinking of YOU’ and the originator of the unique F.R.E.E.D.O.M. 7 Step Method to Help Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Get Unstuck and Reach More People. You can turn your purpose into a profitable company you love.

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