Five Myths About Goal Setting

Five Myths About Goal Setting

While goals are important in life, they can also be a part of your professional and personal life. However, many people believe that as long they state what they want to accomplish, they are sufficient to reach it. They are often disappointed when they don’t achieve the results they want.

It is powerful to set goals, especially if you write them in a specific manner. You are more likely to reach your goal/s if you communicate what you want to happen in your life and take the right actions. Use ‘I am and ‘I have to write your goals. It is stronger to use words that say something has already happened than words like ‘I will or ‘I’m planning to. For those who don’t believe setting goals is important, let me dispel some myths.

Long-term goals are very difficult to reach. Reality It is only difficult if you do it this way. If you have solid plans, it’s not difficult. Clients should set goals for three, six, and twelve months. I also recommend setting a two-year goal. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for results in the short- or long-term. It is important to develop a plan that details the steps and actions you will take to get there. It can feel like you are working for a lifetime if your long-term goal is two years. Setting short-term goals along the way can make it seem much easier. It takes time to build a six-figure income. It takes planning and action to break it down into smaller steps. This is where short-term goals come in.

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Goals don’t need to be written.

They are the key to achieving the best results. Your subconscious mind is powerful. It can’t tell the differences between real and false, true and false. This is why it is important to write goals. It’s easy to forget what thoughts you have on a conscious level. Your goals will have more power if you write them down. Write your goal(s) with a date and present tense if you are aiming to accomplish something specific.

To achieve our goals quicker, we must work together.

Reality: You need to have a support system and someone you can count on in order to achieve the results that you desire. It can seem overwhelming to be in business, especially for entrepreneurs. You are more likely than not to get the results that you desire, regardless of whether you have a virtual assistant, a mastermind group, or your own coach.

You can’t change a goal once you have set it!

Realize that change happens every day. As you work towards your goals, you might find that some of them need to be adjusted. It is a good idea to review your short- and long-term goals at least once every five to six months. You might have reached your short-term goal faster than you expected. You might have missed the deadline for other goals. In this case, you may need to adjust the original goal/s in order to continue moving toward your desired result. It doesn’t matter if you are perfect. However, it is important to allow for some flexibility. It’s like driving a car. Sometimes you have to take a different route to reach your destination.

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It is impossible to set goals for the year in January.

Reality You can set goals at any time. You don’t have to set goals at the start of every year. This will leave you with little room for new ideas. For example, a new product might require you to set goals for when it will be finished or how many copies you plan to sell. Setting goals for the year is vital, even if you don’t plan to stay static. Set a goal and create an action plan to get there.

You didn’t achieve your goal, so you failed.

Reality: Failure is only possible when you do nothing. You succeed when you make the right plans and take action. Look at the lessons you have learned from your failures. You will never feel like you failed if you look at the situation this way. The Universe can sometimes be frustrating, but if we persevere and keep setting goals, creating plans, and taking action, we will see the results we want.