Entrepreneurial Thinking – Connect With Your Higher Business Potential

Entrepreneurial Thinking - Connect With Your Higher Business Potential

If you consider a successful entrepreneur immediately, you imagine the traits of their personality as well as values and beliefs that determine their character. Richard Branson is associated with having fun. Anita Roddick was an environmentalist. Steve Jobs lived by simplicity. Each of these makes emotions in people who are connected to what they excelled at (Richard is still).

So what exactly is an Entrepreneur? What exactly is entrepreneurship? Many definitions exist of the word, and the only one I can think of that is true for me is that of Peter Drucker.

“This is the definition of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur as a whole. The entrepreneur is always looking for changes, responds to them, and then exploits opportunities.”

Do these thoughts resonate with you? Do you want to be an entrepreneurial person?

Here are five characteristics of thinking entrepreneurial based on my experience working with clients whom I help to overcome their own internal barriers to make a huge impact. If you’re a business owner trapped in a rut, use these strategies to break free of the chains holding you back:

1. Set a goal and make an action plan. Then do your best to achieve it.

Be sure your goal is as precise as you can make it. If you are trying to make more money, make sure you know the amount. Choose your timeline and the date you would like the goal accomplished. Develop a strategy to reach your goals and begin. Don’t procrastinate. If your plan isn’t working in the direction you would like it to, Don’t abandon the idea. The trick is to make an action plan. The details of the plan might change; you may have to make adjustments as you progress; however, so long as you keep going regularly, it will be possible to reach your final goal. It can be difficult initially. It may be difficult to feel like you’re not progressing; however, after a while, things will begin to happen quickly to assist you in reaching your desired goal. Persistence is the key to success.

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2. Get over your limiting beliefs

Most likely, the only thing keeping you from accomplishing the goals you’ve set is the person you are. Your behavior and attitude are influenced by the self-confidence you have. Take a moment to listen to the voice inside your head. Does it sound negative saying that your abilities aren’t enough or that you’re unable to pay for the XYZ? Where does that come from? When you encounter a challenge, you must sit down and attempt to write the many possible reasons you can come up with (and more) on one side of a piece of paper as to why you aren’t able to. On the second half, note exactly the opposite. Concentrate on the reason you are able to. It’s a great exercise to figure out the ways in which your life or early childhood led you to believe that way does. After you’re done, SLIP the switch. Use positive wording. When you awake at dawn, you should make your first thoughts positive because they will affect your mood throughout the rest of the day.

3. Your five best friends

Jim Rohn, a well-known professional and motivational speaker, once has said that “you have the average among five individuals you are spending the longest time with.” Consider who are you spending time with? Do they have the ability to encourage you to accomplish your objectives? Do they have the ability to help you along your way? If your friends lead an ordinary life, It’s likely that it’s easy for you to do similar things. Break free of it. Look for new alliances to aid you in reaching the place you’d like to be. Start by defining your goal and determine the skills and support you’ll require. Find five people to connect with them. One could be your teacher. Someone could be someone who has traits you want to imitate. It could be someone with the connections and networks you require. Examine your networks. Are there new networks that you could join that will help you?

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4. Get a mentor

According to what Richard Branson said, when you consider the gap between a business professional who is a good one and a one who succeeds, mentorship is the first thing that comes to your mind. When you’re on a journey of finding success and discovery, the mentor is the security and guidance needed to guide you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur to find an advisor. All you need is an objective and a determination to achieve it. A mentor who is a good one will guide you in the right direction.

5. Power of the mastermind

Napoleon Hill, in “Think and Grow Rich,” described his power as a mastermind. Combine the minds of two people together, and you can create “a third invisible intangible similar to a third mentality (the Master Mind). Get two or more people together to collaborate on their own business in a trusting, mutual, and tough-love environment. This, when paired with voluntary responsibility, eventually strengthen every company. A group that masterminds are well-organized will produce outcomes through sharing ideas as well as stimulating fresh concepts in business and organizational models.

Set these strategies in place and watch the world changes to make the way to you and for your dreams.

What is next?

You could choose to continue your current path and continue doing the same things you’ve always done and never getting closer to your goal. Or

You can get professional development programs that will make your library look great, but that’s all it gets.


Are you looking to take things to the next level? Do you desire that unattainable success?

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Are you looking to make the world better?

Pat helps clients who are looking to have an impact. Through the years, she has advised clients who went to win prizes. She was always aware that they were born with it. Her job has been to snag it from the people and assist them in flying. You might be the next great success story.