Be Limitless

Be Limitless

2011 in 2011, in 2011, the Nobel prize for Physics was awarded for proving that the universe truly is expanding. Everything is constantly growing and evolving with ever-increasing speed. If it’s happening everywhere other than in your workplace and in your personal life, it’s logical to conclude that it’s YOU who is putting your foot on the brakes. What is the reason you would do this? What are the reasons you would put up obstacles to your own success? What could you do to make your life unlimited?

Find The Most Common Suspects…

Naturally, there are all the typical scenarios – your childhood experiences. You may have witnessed someone say or do something, or perhaps have heard something which made you feel inadequate or unworthy or simply weird. You’ve grown up, but you’re still not feeling confident about yourself. The reason this is a problem is that you can no longer imagine yourself as the person you are. The world around you is smaller, and you can’t imagine the endless possibilities that are actually there.

Maybe it caused you to turn more sarcastic. Sarcasm, after all, is the hallmark of intellectuals. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of humor? A way to show the reality of things as they are that the bad things are inevitable and the good stuff doesn’t last forever. There’s a cost to pay for that view, however. It also makes the world smaller. It only presents the negative option, and we generally are given what we think we will receive. It suggests that the view was right, but it’s a merely self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s not the reality.

It’s known as”realism. “Just being real in this instance… simply showing how it is!” However, that’s false thinking that guarantees that nothing really alters. The way you focus your attention shapes your experience, and future moments arise from the perspective that is present. If you can’t focus on what’s right in front of you, you will create the same experiences every day. There’s no way to ever improve. This is not real; it’s the limit. It’s not real; it’s just a tiny viewpoint. In reality, infinite possibilities exist in each and every moment.

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Do Not Put a “But” Where Your Mouth is – It’s very unsanitary!

The effect of being realistic is contagious. It leads to the habit of “buttism” and hinders any progress you may achieve. “I would like to meet that new customer, But everyone else is after them too.” “I would like to try something different, but I’m too old to make a change.” “I really want the red sports car, but it’s too costly.” If you make a decision and then instantly voice your opposition, there is no way to change it. Then, you are able to be the right one. Realism is the winner again!

Every moment is a Blank Slate.

If you were to be free from the past, each moment would be free of any limitation. The past isn’t really able to have any influence other than the choices you make for it. It’s not real; it’s just Memorex. It was 20 years ago, in the year 2000 and last week. It’s not happening now. The only way that it can have any relevance to the present situation is if you pull it to where it happened. The car accident happened last week. It’s all over, but you’re still discussing it and reliving the scene to the fullest extent, and you’re angry about it every time again. When you’re digging up the pat, you’re opting to injure yourself repeatedly and are contemplating the reason you aren’t healing.

All the while, you’re not aware of what could have transpired in this completely exciting and wonderful now. It’s only an idea. It’s not like you’ve got an arsenal of weapons in your head. You do not have to surrender all of your control to your past.

Your Opinion Matters!

There is no limit to possibilities at any moment, but your thoughts determine what possibilities you will select for yourself. Your opinion is like a picture that defines your current reality. People who have different opinions get something else. Influencers have a higher perspective. They can see possibilities that others cannot recognize, and they achieve results that others cannot imagine. If you see that others have more success than you, it is simply because they’ve chosen a new option for themselves. They had the ability to envision something that you could not – at least, not yet.

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Turn counter-clockwise

In order to reverse it, you need to take a step that isn’t intuitive. Most wisdom suggests that if you’re looking to achieve more, you have to push yourself harder. However, this isn’t the case. in fact, being more stuck in your current way of thinking can result in an abundance of things you don’t want and make you be even more depressed. If something isn’t working, it’s time to shake it.

Instead of denial of what you feel, instead, be more aware of your feelings. Your feelings are extremely important indicators to determine whether you’re in the right direction. If you’re headed against your goals and dreams, you’ll need to be aware of it immediately! The emotions reveal the unconscious beliefs that are hindering you and preventing your progress. Don’t hide from your feelings of despair or anxiety If that’s your current state of mind; Instead, you should be able to accept your feelings.

Do you feel down due to the work you do, or because you’re passionate about your work but aren’t as successful as you’d like to be? If you truly aren’t happy with your job, you need to take a second look. This means that you’re playing the wrong game you’re supposed to play! Find out what you’re enthusiastic about. It’s an indication of the game you’re playing.

If you’re feeling unhappy due to the fact that you enjoy what you do but aren’t reaching the level of success you’ve always dreamed of, then you’ve got hidden blocks and thoughts that hinder your progress. Here’s an easy and powerful technique:

Every moment is a Blank Canvas.

If you feel despairing or depressed, don’t try to run away from feeling depressed. Rather, you should complete your sentence. “I feel sad because I think… I’ll never succeed. .”… I’m a loser. .”… I’m likely to be unable to pay my bills before I can start my business on the foundation.”

It’s true that they could be thoughts that are snarky, but they’re in your head right now. Refusing to acknowledge they’re within your head isn’t going to help them go away. This isn’t likely to end the subroutine that’s limiting your perspective.

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Be true to your opinion and keep in mind that this is just one option in a vast array of possibilities. “Yes, it’s true that I may have to run out of cash before I begin to get my business off the ground, but (and that’s the good but!) there are plenty of possibilities. In reality, another person chose another option and was successful within six months. It’s possible, which could be the case. What new option do I have to choose? What is more pleasing for me?”

The people who succeed don’t differ from me or you; They simply had a wider view, and even it was just one small glimpse of what is possible. The key is that there are no limits to what you can do, which means that YOU are limitless. You are able to pick an entirely new option at every new moment. Your possibilities are truly endless. There is nothing from the past that held you back for a moment! The decision for the next moment – and for the remainder of your life is yours. Make it wise, Grasshopper. You are free to consider the most ideal and positive possible outcome that you can imagine. Each time you get a new opportunity, you can choose to take another picture that is pleasing to you rather than one that makes you feel sad.

Be Unlimited!

Another aspect to this: when your thoughts align with your best potential, you feel great. That is how your feelings determine your direction. Positive thoughts don’t just provide a feeling of satisfaction; they also represent your most cherished truth, as they guide your destiny.

Take a look; among seven billion people, there is no one else similar to you. There’s not another that has your unique combination of talents, strengths, and capabilities. You are indispensable – or else you wouldn’t even be here! It’s time to play the game that only you are able to bring. It’s that nudge you feel inside, and don’t be a slave to it.