3 Tips for Getting Unstuck

3 Tips for Getting Unstuck

“The problem isn’t who’s likely to permit me to go; it’s about who will block me.” Ayn Rand

Every one of us has had the experience of that feeling stuck one time throughout our life. That place where it seems like there are hardly any alternatives to relieve yourself. The place where, regardless of what number of times we replay it over and over again in our minds, we’re always getting the same results. It’s simply stuck.

It’s a story. It’s the one we repeat to ourselves repeatedly. “I cannot travel because I don’t have the funds” or “I could never afford to attend the workshop, so who will manage the kids? Or “I’d want to create an enterprise of my own, however, what if I was my old age?” These are the lies we tell ourselves, which remain stuck where we are.

We must stop telling ourselves our tales by being fully aware of the present moment, and start telling ourselves the truth, we’ll be stuck forever. If you’re stuck There are a few things you might want to think about “Who could be doing things differently?” and “Who is hindering you?” The answers could surprise you.

Three strategies to being free of your bind and free of your own story…

1-Speak your truth

It is important to first recognize that when you feel stuck that you’re telling yourself the story. Consider the story and ask yourself: is it really true? “I cannot afford the time to attend that class”, “I can’t get momentum in my business because I need to look after the children”. What’s the truth? Did you come up with it? Are there excuses? It is the first thing to stop in the story and start with the truth. What is it you truly would like to achieve? What do you really want? Start writing an entirely new story, the truth.

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2. Ask for what you want.

A lot of us aren’t in a position to request what we would like. We think we’re asking but in reality, we’re complaining, whining, and blaming others for not having what we want and have never requested it. Be clear about what you want and put forward your request. Are you looking for your husband to help you at the home? Ask him. Do you wish your wife would help you achieve your desires? Ask her. Do you want the help of your neighbors to watch your children for an hour every week? You can ask them to watch your kids for an hour each week. Most of us prefer to remain in a rut and complain instead of enduring a “no” to our request, which is why we don’t ever.


3 Take action

One way to free yourself from a rut is to simply start moving. Do something massive. Move forward, each step one step ahead of the next. Don’t just flit from one place to the next. Without direction, make some choices. If you can just alter your narrative to reflect your real story, and ask what you desire-everytime-you’ll soon begin to feel more comfortable and begin to break free from the binds.

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