3 Habits to Break Today (If You Want to Be More Successful)

3 Habits to Break Today (If You Want to Be More Successful)

All entrepreneurs are concerned about the threat of competition at times.

A little more than others, however, I’ve yet to meet a business owner who does not worry about the competition in her market.

It is understandable that the market is extremely packed these days.

Everybody is trying to find customers, and they’re all employing the same methods of marketing to locate them.

In the end, going out is essential nowadays.

Many entrepreneurs are struggling with it. Like I did for many years. I was unsure of how to present myself (and was afraid to do it). And I didn’t know why I was special. I couldn’t even be able to see it for a long period of time.

Luckily, I worked the problem out and learned many lessons in the process.

So, I’m now going to share the lessons with you so that it won’t have to take you as long as it did for me.

Making your uniqueness known and making it visible is the best way to make your mark on the crowd.

I will teach you all about it; I teach all about that in Unleash Your Uniqueness, my online course that is available for download as a program.

Breaking these three habits will help you stand out.

Habit #1: Trying to blend in

If you’re like the majority of humans, you’ll occasionally try to be a part of the crowd. This is perfectly normal.

Everyone wants to be part of the family in a community, be loved, appreciated, and appreciated.

Nothing wrong with it in itself. However…

We believe that we have to DO something to be appreciated and loved. We believe that we have to fit in, blend in and be just like everyone else. Otherwise, we’ll be rejected.

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The reality is that we do not.

You are adequate enough. You do not have to earn your worthiness.

If you’re trying hard to be accepted, it’s easy to lose a portion of yourself.

What are the most important items you’re losing?

That’s right… it’s the aspects that define you that make you unique and make you stand out.

Habit 2: Trying to portray yourself as someone you aren’t

It’s incredible how difficult it is to be yourself. It’s so easy; however, being completely authentic to yourself every day, all the time… is difficult.

There are people who pretend to be something they’re not.

But if you’re trying to appear like someone you’re not, Who is there to represent YOU?

Who could do that task that you’re meant to accomplish if you’re already doing something else?

“There is the vitality or life force, an energy that flows by you into action, and since it is the only you at all time, this experience is distinctive. If you stop it, it won’t be able to exist in any other medium and will disappear. The world won’t be able to access it.”
Martha Graham

Habit #3: being nice to other people

It’s not wrong to do things to help others. Also, there’s no problem with being nice or providing quality service.

It’s not the issue I’m referring to here.

I’m talking about feeling so attached to people who like them that they’ll go to anything to ensure that happens.

Unfortunately, this type of over-the-top gratification for people is not a positive thing in any way.

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Some people won’t appreciate them if you’re trying too hard to impress them. This can be unwelcome and a bit needy.

Then you’ll be able to lose yourself and the unique qualities you have to offer in the attempt to please everyone.

This week’s transformative action:

Don’t be too hard on yourself for recognizing one (or the majority) of these behaviors. Believing in yourself can be difficult at times, and it’s fine even if you’re unable to be a good person.

Pay attention to your conduct:

Do you feel confident and in a position to radiate your light and stand up for yourself?

What is the time when this is difficult or perhaps impossible?

When you understand what causes you to lose your self-control, You can end it.