Your JOB And Why It Will Never Set You Free – Make More Money And Have More Freedom With MLM

Your JOB And Why It Will Never Set You Free - Make More Money And Have More Freedom With MLM

I am a firm advocate of entrepreneurialism. It is the first and most effective route to the top of living the American Dream – the best method to attain financial and lifestyle freedom with your own efforts as well as ingenuity, determination, and passion. Many people do not have the startup capital or credit line needed to get the necessary funds for the process of starting a “traditional” small-scale business seems impossible. However, there’s a different way to go about it: relation marketing (RM) or, in the way it’s commonly called, network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM). With RM, you can enjoy extremely inexpensive, low beginning costs (usually anything from $100 to $1,000 is the norm) with virtually no cost of overhead or ongoing expenses, including employees, and therefore no worker’s compensation, health insurance, or liability insurance. Also, you can eliminate all the additional expenses that come when you own a traditional small business.

It is possible to find an alternative to having a J.O.B. What do the majority of people do? The things we’ve been taught over the last half-century to be doing. Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, it has been the Hallmark of Success Strategy, the pillar of freedom’s path instilled into our young minds.

“Go into school and learn long and hard, then get an education to find a job that is good.”

There aren’t that many “good” jobs available in America in the current era of globalization and mega-corporate corporations taking advantage of their liberty to build factories in third-world countries and employ slave labor to reduce costs and keep profits rising. However, let’s suppose you find yourself with a “good” job which we’ll define “good” to mean one that you have the ability to live some sort of a comfortable life with. This is the end of your life: it’s your life, and you will always be informed by your boss and the company you work for how much you’re worth based on the amount of money they offer them… and that’s often barely enough to keep you free of the financial shackles. It’s a fact that 90 percent of Americans worry about their finances and live from paycheck to paycheck. In the event of a missed paycheck, you’re in great difficulty, a financial crisis that is severe.

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There’s a better way.

With an RM business, you can set your own hours, work from home, and you can enjoy more time with your beloved family members; you’re the boss of your own business, and you are not limited to your earnings and profits and… it’s fun! You enjoy the work you do, and you wake up every day feeling energized and happy. This is a far cry from the 9-5 grind that most people who have the designation of J.O.B. (Just over Broke) endure and feel like they’re having a bad day in the knowledge that they’ll have to attend a job they hate, with bosses they hate and co-workers who drag them to the edge of madness.

I’m not living this way. If you’re tired of working a J.O.B., being constantly one paycheck away from being in need, and frustrated with not having enough time to spend with your beloved family and friends, and you are looking to take a risk and change your life towards a better future and better, I encourage you to examine Network/Relationship Marketing. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies available to choose from, so conduct your research and ensure that the business is reputable and has products that stand on its own in the market and at a price it’s offering with no business opportunities attached (very crucial !… This is what differentiates legitimate MLM from the “pyramid fraud”) Check it out by Googling and talk to other people within the company and pick one that is a good fit for you.

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